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Your options for facial cosmetic surgery in NYC are numerous, which can make searching for the right plastic surgeon feel overwhelming. However, reading the words of past patients helps clarify what you can expect from your entire experience and offers a different and deeper perspective than what before-and-after photos provide. Here, we've gathered Dr. Konstantin's most recent reviews from around the web to give you a comprehensive picture of our practice.

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The office of doctor Konstantin Vasyukevich is very nice and everyone is extremely welcoming. Dr. Vasyukevich did a great job recommending the right filler for me. Not too little. Not too much. This is my not the first time doing this procedure and am so happy with the results. It smoothed and filled lines for a younger appearance.

– Elena A.


Best place ever!! Attends to what you want, patient, honest and overall a great experience. I was so nervous and they make you feel so comfortable. Highly recommend!

– Charlene C.


Trusting Dr. Konstantin with my face was the best decision I have ever made.Do not waste your time looking around and getting second or third opinions. He is THE DOCTOR! Dr. Konstantin is very knowledgeable, professional and attentive. The result of his work is amazing, and I can not be happier!! The recovery period is different for everyone and mine took its sweet time:) Doctor himself and his very helpful staff always made themselves available to guide me through some frustrating moments and made sure I have all the answers I need to understand the process and made me feel comfortable and reassured.Thank you all at the office of Dr.Konstantin!

– J V.


Dr. Vasyukevich is simply a magician when it comes to facial plastic surgery! His unique technique in facial fat grafting (the procedure he performed on me) made my face look younger and rejuvenated. Most importantly, the change was subtle, which is, I believe, an overall goal of every facial plastic surgery patient. Dr. Vasyukevich, along with his very courteous, helpful and responsive staff, is extremely patient in explaining each and every step of the procedure. In addition, he is very attentive in post op period. I would highly recommend him to every patient looking to enhance their appearance. An A+ surgeon!

– Ivana R.


Dr. K is awesome. He has an eye for beauty and makes sure you don't look as if you've had injectables. He does an excellent job enhancing your beauty while still making sure you look and feel like yourself. I've suffered from being self-conscious over my small lips my whole life but hesitated on getting them plumped because I don't want them to look overdone. My lips look naturally fuller and they now look how I always dreamed. Also notable: He's nice and has a beautiful office and wonderful staff. Thanks Dr. K!

– Erynn S.


Dr Konstanstin is amazing! I'm more than happy with the results of the surgery! I look 15 years younger! Don't fool yourself-it's a surgery and you need a lot of time to heal, but I was able to get back to work in a week! Doctor has amazing hands! I still look like myself-just a better version! The stuff is very helpful and caring. I especially want to thank the nurse who was assisting doctor on the day of the procedure, she really helped to put my worries away, and was very attentive. Overall I had the best experience! Don't hesitate-just go for it, you are in good hands with dr. Konstanstin! you will be very happy with the results!

– Ellen L.


First time lip fillers!!! What an amazing experience all the way from the waiting room to the end of the procedure! Everyone was very accommodating to any questions or concerns I had, Dr. Konstantin did a full consultation with me explaining the entire process in detail. It was my first time doing any sort of cosmetic procedure, and aside from it being a bit painful I LOVE the way my lips turned out! Will definitely be returning in a few months for fillers!

– Kathleen W.


One word, AMAZING! I had PRP with microdermabrasion and my lips filled. My skin feels brand new, it now has a tight feel and youthful glow! I said good bye to my sun spots as well. My lips look so natural and all of the wrinkles are gone. I have received so many compliments and I am extremely excited for my second treatment of PRP with microdermabrasion. Thank you, Dr. K!!

– Taina R.


I have to say after reading some of the poor reviews on Dr K. I am a bit shocked. I will tell you what I think. Dr K did a full face lift on me. I didn't think I need it, but when I saw my before pictures without any good lighting or head tilting, I could see he was right! I thought I needed a brow lift but Dr. K said look at your pictures from twenty years ago (which I brought with me so the doctor could see my original facial structure before all the sagging commenced)-my brows were always low. Great save-another plastic surgeon would have said ok I will do it. My facelift looks great. Most people can't even tell, they think it's my hair, or I lie and say I did my bags only (which I did but I also did a facelift lol). I did my surgery under local, which I would never do again, I have a very low tolerance for pain, I was anxious and restless. The only part that really hurt was my bags. Later I had lip injections to fill in my smokers deflated lips. I feel one side is a little uneven, but I looked at my pics from before and I think they always been a bit uneven. So my face is great, bags are like 80% better, I have a lot of wrinkles under my eyes though and I am not sure what we are going to do about that. Because I have darker skin-a laser is not appropriate and when I am not smiling, there is only one wrinkle-so I don't think it is excess skin. But I am going to see Dr K in a week or two and we will discuss this. Dr K was way more expensive than I had planned to pay but it was worth it. As a 44-year-old woman returning to college for my masters and then entering the workforce in a totally new career, I wanted to have an edge. I look healthy, well rested, vivacious and I feel great about myself. The only downside-was my healing was very difficult and I needed at least two months to look normal but that was me and my body makeup. I also have to wear makeup because of some lingering redness -but it's worth it. I really do look so much better and I feel really confident.

– Lisa P.


Beautiful ladies, Dr KONSTANTIN VASYUKEVICH is the best plastic surgeon in NYC. Dr KONSTANTIN and his staff are professionals. A friend of mine recommended him but I still did my research. Dr K is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon who specializes in treating women and men with the most effective anti-aging treatments. Using a facial plastic surgeon, you have a specialist. I never had any plastic surgery or Botox/injectibles. I was always a beautiful woman but at 54, I started looking older. I went for a free consultation for a neck lift. We examined my face together, and the effects of aging in terms of drooping particularly evident in my jowls. I took Dr K's advice to do a both a face and neck lift, based on my trust, and his insight/expertise. The results are beyond amazing. I have been told I can pass for a 35-year-old woman. My double chin that I had even in my early 40s, is nonexistent. Dr K's specialty face and neck lift procedure is transformational. My skin is smooth, and I have a perfect jawline. Looking young again is a gift that is therapeutic for the soul. I will age from this point on and will take care of my skin. Thank you, Dr K.

– Katherine M.

Selected reviews of Dr. Konstantin*

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April 2018

Doctor Konstantin Vasyukevich is a real genius.

First of all his hands are incredible soft and talented, and his vision is absolutely correct and right - this is a very rare quality among the plastic surgeons. Only a couple of them are genuine people who are worthy to be considered as the Talented and Unique Professionals. The majorities of them are just commercial money-makers without any special talents. So this is very important to find the only One and Unique Professional among the plastic surgeons. And I am glad that finally I have met doctor Konstantin Vasyukevich I was absolutely harmonic and beautiful from my Nature, and only my teen's stupidity put me in the major problems with my lips. They were just perfect the way I was born, accurate and exquisite, but for some crazy reason I decided to make them more "sexy" when I was 17 years old in Russia.

So over 20 years I have been struggling with this disgusting silicone in my lips and it partly destroyed my acting career.

During all this time I was trying to take this silicone out of my lips, and passed through 5-6 plastic very painful and destroying surgeries in Russia with the different Russian surgeons. Some of them were just OK, some of them were not successful and I had some distortion of my lips lines. Nobody of them were the great Professionals.

When I moved forever in the USA I researched lots of the American lips surgeons and I decided to work with doctor Konstantin: he was so humane and so clever, and my intuition worked so perfectly on this case, that I had no doubts that he will do his best to help me. I asked doctor Konstantin do not cut my lips anymore, and only to use the method of the liposuction to make my lips and the zones around them tiny and without any swellings. Mister Vasyukevich had his doubts about my idea with a lips liposuction, but (!) - thanks God - he accepted it, he was agree to try to help me exactly as I asked him!

As a result, he did absolutely great job, and after a couple of months my lips are soft, symmetrical and natural! I am glad that doctor Konstantin accepted my idea about the lips liposuction though on the surgeons's forums I have read only the snobs negative references of the "professional' plastic surgeons about the silicone's liposuction. They are not right - this method works! Fist of all - as I am sure - because of the great talented hands and humane soul of the best doctor in NYC - doctor Konstantin Vasyukevich! God Bless Him! I Wish Him All My Best!

– Katerina Ksenyeva

January 2018

I choose Dr. Konstantin for my procedure because of his brilliant education and impressive experience. I'm satisfied with the result and recommend Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich to do surgical rejuvenation for best looking. I also liked the office and the professional work of his assistants.

– Inna Kivkoutsane

November 2017

Best Doctor ever! He'll make you look at least 20 years younger!!!

– Ruthi Cohen

October 2017

I've received the mini facelift form Dr. Konstantin, and I could not be happier! The procedure went smoothly. the pain was minimum and the results are amazing! Every morning I look at myself in the mirror, and I can't believe how great I look. I look probably 10 years younger, but I still look natural and 'not done'. People compliment me on my fresh and younger looks, but nobody knows I've done this procedure, and that's exactly how I wanted it. I am 47, and the sagging was not very prominent, but it was still aging me a lot.
Doctor Konstantin was very patient with me and answered all my questions. He actually listened to me, when I asked for subtle, natural results, and that's exactly what I got. I also must add some good words about Dr. Konstantine's stuff. They are just amazing! Luba, the assistant, and the office manager treated me like a family member! She is the sweetest person, and her attention and her personality certainly made a difference for me, Thank you, Dr. Konstantin, and Luba!

– Kathy Slomova

May 2017

Dr. Konstantin provides an exquisite experience for patients, from the welcoming staff (including the very kind and professional Patient Coordinator Luba), to his expert tastefulness in craft. I've gone to him several times, and he provides excellent service and reassurance when there might be questions and uncertainty. I highly recommend!

– The Millers


Highly recommend Dr Konstantin. He is very professional. I did a half fece lifting and very happy with result!

– Elaine Ivannikoff


Doctor Konstantin is the best plastic surgeon! I lost at least 10 years after his procedure! i am recommending him to all my friends and family!

– Emma Levin


Dr. Vasyukevich in Manhattan made me and my family very comfortable in the whole process of considering my face lift. There were several options to consider before surgery which I appreciated very much.

– Shae Adams


Delicate, subtle and precise are the three words that accurately describe the workmanship that Dr. Konstantin offers. His talent has offered me the ability to feel rejuvenated overnight. I am thankful for having the opportunity to see his development over the years through his training and now as he has perfected his talent. His hands are the only ones I trust on my face.

– Kicole Santopietro


Dr. K and his staff are all wonderful. Extremely caring, patient and good at educating their patients. Highly recommended.

– Ginger Blackburn

Selected reviews of Dr. Konstantin*

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I'm going to paste my review from Yelp because it best explains my experience with Dr. Konstantin!!

First, I'd like to say that when reviewing a Surgeon I never review them after just a single visit, because from my experience, some Dr's. just aren't consistent. I had a truly wonderful experience and incredible results my first visit to Dr. Konstantin and have had consistently amazing visits every time since.

This Dr. has a keen eye for facial symmetry and I chose him due to the fact that he specializes on the face and does not do breasts, or anything regarding the body. I am in my late 30's and have been getting Botox for years. How I KNOW this man is a great Dr. is because he told me on the first visit that I only needed one syringe of Botox and his eyes almost popped out of his head when I told him that I had been getting almost 3! His Botox is obviously not diluted because my Botox never looked so good!

I was starting to notice some changes in my nasal labial folds and let him put some juvaderm in those areas and like the Botox, he made it look natural and absolutely gorgeous! I had been wanting my eyes done for years, but had never found a surgeon that I felt 100% confident in, but after seeing the work he has done on others, along with his special eye for how the natural contours of the face are and SHOULD be, I have finally found the right surgeon to do my a lower eye lift along with fat grafting! Since I was a child I have suffered with dark circles, due to the hollowness of my skull in that area and am THRILLED to schedule my appointment.

Lastly, it is SO very important for a DR. to be able to listen and absorb exactly what it is a patient wants and Dr. Konstantin really does listen and will continue to listen until he completely understands the patients concerns. Also, he has such a gentle hand. I was genuinely SHOCKED that I barely even feel any of his injections!!

In conclusion, I can guarantee that this Surgeon is worth every penny! I am so grateful I found him!! The girls who work in the office, Taina Luba and Yuliya are absolute DOLLS and are so knowledgeable about everything in the practice! Everything from booking my appointments, to scheduling the next has honestly been a totally awesome experience! Thank you Dr., Taina, Luba and Yuliya!!

- Raven Duckstein


Dr. Constantin is a professional of the highest category, a true artist. He delicately feels the beautiful and achieves brilliant results. Delicatessen and tactful person. When the time comes, I trust my appearance only to him.

– Linda Jonneberg


I do my facial beauty procedure with Dr. Konstantin and very happy with his sophisticated and conservative approach to it. Looking beautiful and natural - this philosophy goes along with mine.

– Luba Korshunova


Dr. Konstantin is very professional, talented, caring and simply amazing facial plastic surgeon!

– Yuliya Kozak


He is the best! A master of facial artistry set up your appointment today what are you waiting for?

– Deborah Cardona


Excellent doctor, and handsome!

– Ursula Potter

Selected reviews of Dr. Konstantin*

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