How– and why– the plastic surgery sector is thriving amidst a pandemic.

Nobody could have foreseen the detriment of the worldwide pandemic that is COVID-19. Millions of jobs lost, economies in almost irreparable decline, and the general human race in a state of panic and confusion. Just like any disaster, though, there have been silver linings, like fewer flights resulting in less air pollution, international communities providing aid to one another, and… plastic surgeries increasing?

Yes, plastic surgeries increasing. Facelifts. Mini-facelifts. Neck tucks. Breast lifts. Breast reductions. Liposuction. Botox injections. This is the mind of a strikingly large number of upper-class American amidst the age of the coronavirus.

Being cooped up in the house has, strangely, provided many with the incentive to undergo cosmetic surgeries. With restaurants closed and weekend getaways on pause, those lucky enough to maintain employment may find themselves with more disposable income than usual. And while working from home, time spent commuting can now be dedicated to time spent looking in the mirror… say, it’s about time I treated myself to those Botox injections I’ve always wanted…

Now, as many are working from home, it is much easier for patients to handle the recovery process from cosmetic surgery as professionals. Under normal circumstances, one could be absent from work for up to two weeks following their procedure; the shift to digital due to the coronavirus allows workers to do light work as soon as three days after a surgery, and even to be present for Zoom calls five days following.

During this global health and economic crisis, it seems odd, at first, that higher numbers of people are prioritizing physical appearance. But, as fellow plastic surgeon George Sanders, MD, explains, “looking good remains a priority” (New Beauty). Unique to our current situation is the case of the face mask: fewer complaints of swelling and abnormalities are reported due to fewer occasions where others will see one’s entire face. This has caused a prominent shift in the desire for adjustments to the upper half of the face, as this is the only region visible when properly abiding by world health guidelines.

Taking the initial steps toward securing a procedure are significantly different, now, easing tensions for those less confident about seeking cosmetic surgery. It certainly isn’t only the ladies looking for breast implants and face lifts– due to the added confidentiality of both virtual consulting appointments and having a shorter absence from work, the amount of men seeking cosmetic surgery has skyrocketed. Facial plastic surgeon David Hartman, MD, cites his male patients have tripled compared to that of those of this time last year.

Doctor Konstantin speculates the cause of the surge of patients seeking cosmetic work. A new demographic of patients coming to him: young people, requesting mini-facelifts. Whether or not this is due to pandemic-related factors, or if it is simply the outcome of people being more mindful of physical presentation, he is unsure.

He suspects that because of the lack of typical outlets for pleasure, patients of all ages turn to cosmetic surgery to fulfill the need for enjoyment. With travel, concerts, and events seemingly a thing of the past, people have turned to less traditional methods of having fun. Cosmetic surgery is the newest source to turn to when looking for something to be happy about. New nose, new you– coronavirus who!?

Read the full article on New Beauty for more interesting observations of how the cosmetic surgery industry has been impacted by COVID-19.

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