Konstantin Gallery is happy to announce the opening of a new exhibit by renowned contemporary artist, Oksana Tanasiv. As a patron of the arts, and an artist in his own craft, Dr. Konstantin is proud to collaborate with the celebrated artist by showcasing her latest body of work. This collection speaks about beauty, glamour and fashion, which is a theme that is central to Dr. Konstantin’s world of facial rejuvenation.

Oksana Tanasiv is a contemporary folk surrealist artist who uses realism techniques with pop culture references. She has been showcasing her art in New York Fashion Week since 2012 and has been shown in many galleries worldwide. Through neo folk and pop culture imagery, Tanasiv uses a variety of mediums such as oils, paper, swarovski crystals and more to empower her voice and vision. Her focus is creating art that has social commentaries and recontextualizes appropriations which will be showcased proudly at the Konstantine Gallery Exhibit.

This red carpet exhibit, an invitation only event, will take place on Dec 2nd, 2021. Exclusive Dr. Konstantin patients and celebrities will have the opportunity to network with like-minded patrons of arts while enjoying refreshment and horderves graciously given by our sponsor Allergan.  

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