Acclaimed photographer Michael K. Yamaoka portrays the ideal beauty of “Goddess” figures in legendary settings worldwide.

Michael K. Yamaoka unveils an evolving dimension of his work that celebrates the timeless beauty of the female form, in a photographic collection presented at the office gallery of famed plastic surgeon Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich.

Curated by Irina Zinovieva, “Monumental Fantasies” is the culmination of a lifelong dream cherished by the photographer to document the legendary monuments of the world enhanced with the presence of a beautiful female figure portraying the idea of “Goddess” or “Muse”. The beautiful woman herself is monumental—and the contrast between her vitality and the inert masses of ruins and buildings infused with a sense of history heightens the impact of these haunting images. In this adventurous body of work including nude and partially draped figures, Mr. Yamaoka continues to explore his signature theme of walls expressing the ravages of time and the timeless, adding a radically different visual element. Whether in brilliant, dazzling color, hazy, light-struck tones, or subdued, almost monochromatic hues, the images reflect the many moods of the iconic female in settings of history and fantasy.

Says Mr. Yamaoka, “I invite you to appreciate the legend and fantasy of the goddess, as depicted by my camera.”

The exhibition may be viewed by appointment.

Curated by Irina Zinovieva


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