Many misconceptions and questions surround the plastic surgery industry. Shows like “Nip/Tuck” and “The Swan” made a spectacle of the plastic surgery industry, leaving many people with negative and incorrect visions of plastic surgery. Realistically, plastic surgery is much like any other medical procedure, with trained doctors providing their services to willing customers. Here are 5 common myths about plastic surgery that many people believe to be true, even though they are often misconceptions.

1. Plastic surgery is all about vanity

When most people hear the phrase plastic surgery, images of breast implants, Botox and facelifts may come to mind. But these are only a few of the many plastic surgery options available. From eliminating birth defects, to curing burn victims of deformities, plastic surgery is used for more purposes than simply making people prettier.


2. Only women get plastic surgery

Although women have typically been the most active plastic surgery patients, in recent years, men are starting to visit plastic surgeons more frequently than ever before. With popular treatments such as liposuction and Botox (or “brotox” as it’s sometimes referred to), males are beginning to frequent their plastic surgeons at a higher rate.

3. Only rich people get plastic surgery

While many wealthy people go under the knife, a large bank account is not a requirement for plastic surgery. Most patients are not millionaires, but average people wishing to alter their body image in some way. If plastic surgeons only worked on the ultra-rich, there would not be as many doctors working today.

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4. Plastic surgery is a permanent fix

While plastic surgery may reverse aging that has already happened, it does not stop you from aging further. Therefore, procedures will usually need to be touched up after months or years, depending on the procedure and your individual body type.

5. Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are the same thing

Plastic surgery repairs or reconstructs abnormal body structures, while cosmetic surgery enhances parts of the body, without reconstruction. Many cosmetic doctors venture into plastic surgery, which can be dangerous. It is important to find a board certified plastic surgeon to perform your procedures. Board certification requires doctors to undergo years of training in the field of reconstructive surgery before operating on patients.

These common misconceptions about the plastic surgery industry have altered the way people think about reconstructive surgery. Plastic surgery is a great tool for anyone looking to alter their body in a positive way.

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