Each year, hundreds of women and men from all over the world and across the United States travel to New York City for facial plastic surgery. In our Manhattan practice, many international patients seek facial rejuvenation procedures with Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich, a top facial plastic surgeon and facelift expert.

Our highly trained, friendly staff is ready to give our patients a warm welcome and ensure their experience with us is as smooth and easy as possible. From booking your hotel and finding the best attractions in our great city to booking your procedure and navigating postoperative recovery, our out-of-town visitors can find some helpful tips and useful instructions below.

Planning Your Visit

When traveling for your plastic surgery procedure, we recommend making proper arrangements ahead of your visit to allow for a comfortable and worry-free experience. Booking a convenient hotel or Airbnb, making a list of nearby restaurants or food take-out places, and locating the local pharmacy and convenience store are just some of the important steps in preparation for your trip.

Patients traveling from out of the state by car can find detailed driving directions and parking information on our NYC office page. For patients requiring a flight to New York City, JFK International or LaGuardia airports are the most convenient and the shortest distance from our Manhattan office—typically a 40- to 50-minute car ride away, without traffic.

The duration of your stay in New York can vary depending on whether your procedure is nonsurgical or surgical. Nonsurgical procedures such as dermal fillers or BOTOX® usually don’t require an extended stay, and patients can travel shortly after their treatment. For surgical procedures such as a facelift, patients are required to stay a minimum of 7 to 10 days. This allows sufficient healing time and Dr. Konstantin and his team the ability to monitor the patient’s progress after surgery.

Airports and Hotels

Nearby Airports

The best airports to use when traveling to Manhattan are listed below:

  • LaGuardia Airport: closest to Manhattan and located in Queens, NY; approximately 35 min by car; $38 to $44 taxi fare (2023 rates). Most visitors use a taxi or Uber for convenience, but public transportation by bus connecting to the subway is also available.
  • JFK International Airport: located in Jamaica, NY; approximately 50 min by car; $70 flat taxi fare to Manhattan (not including tolls and tip); AirTrain connects to the subway or bus.
  • Newark Liberty International Airport: farthest from Manhattan and located in Newark, New Jersey; approximately 1 hour by car; $90 to $100+ taxi fare (not including tolls and tip). A convenient shuttle service to Manhattan is available.


New York City hotels are known for providing excellent accommodations and service. Located on the beautiful Upper East Side of Manhattan, our office is just a quick walk or ride away from some of the best places to stay in NYC. The following hotels are the most popular options:

The Mark Hotel

25 East 77th Street, New York, NY 10075.

Tel. 212-744-4300


The Carlyle Hotel

35 East 76th Street, New York, NY 10021

Tel. 212-570-7189


The Gardens Sonesta ES Suites (live-in suites with fully equipped kitchens, living room, and amenities)

215 E 64th Street, New York, NY 10021.

Tel. 855-781-4439


You can see the full list of hotels commonly used by our patients on our NYC office page.

Meeting Dr. Konstantin and Team

Dr. Konstantin and his team look forward to helping you make the most of your stay in NYC and providing you with a warm and welcoming reception to our practice. Our patient care coordinators and medical staff are here to help schedule your procedure, make follow-up appointments, manage billing/payments, and assist with any special requirements you may have. If you are traveling from abroad, we recommend arriving a day or two early to get better acquainted with the city and your place of stay and meet with Dr. Konstantin to go over any surgery details or questions prior to your procedure.

The Day of Your Procedure

On the day of your procedure, you will arrive at the office at a designated time. Our highly qualified surgical team will assist with any necessary paperwork and preparations. We will provide you with postoperative instructions before you leave our office.

Please keep in mind that patients undergoing IV sedation anesthesia must have a family member or a private nurse take them home or to a hotel after their procedure and stay with them overnight. For patients who choose local anesthesia, we strongly recommend having someone pick you up and stay with you. You are not required to hire a private nurse, but if you are traveling solo, we would happily provide recommendations.

Things To Do In New York City While You Are Recovering

If you are interested in exploring New York City’s most popular attractions, museums, and shopping destinations while recovering from your surgery, we would be glad to provide suggestions to make your trip even more enjoyable.

Although we recommend reduced physical activity while you are in the early postoperative period (2 to 3 days), later on, you can still enjoy your stay in New York City. Wearing a stylish scarf and sunglasses when going out can conceal any immediate signs of surgery. New York is known to be a fashion-forward city with an appreciation for unique style; nothing is considered unusual or out-of-place. With a little creative styling, no one will even notice you’ve just had a procedure.

Below are a few suggestions for activities you can enjoy during your visit:

Central Park: Going for a walk in New York’s beloved park, getting fresh air, and being in nature can do wonders for soothing the mind and promoting healing.

Museums: The Metropolitan Museum of Art and MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) are two of the most well-known attractions in New York City, with world-famous art exhibits for every taste.

Broadway Shows: Enjoy some of the best live entertainment. There’s no need to worry about a strict dress code; you can feel free to be comfortable and casual. This is an especially great option for patients 5 to 6 days post-surgery: You can take off your dressings for a few hours while watching the performance.

Shopping: 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue offer some of the best in luxury shopping. Make sure to visit Rockefeller Center, located along 5th Avenue. It’s beautifully decorated throughout the year, especially during the colder seasons.

Dining: New York City offers a truly unique dining experience with a plethora of restaurants, including Michelin star picks, to please any palette.

Postoperative Care at Home

Once the initial postoperative recovery period (7 to 10 days) is complete, most patients feel comfortable traveling back home. It is important to follow all of Dr. Konstantin’s post-surgical instructions and recommendations to ensure optimal healing. We will schedule virtual follow-up calls to check your progress and optimize your postoperative care.

Please keep in mind that you may need some additional treatments after the initial healing period. Our staff will be happy to make an appointment for you. We are glad to accommodate our out-of-town patients’ schedules for in-person follow-up visits. If a patient cannot travel to New York to be seen by Dr. Konstantin in the office, we recommend finding a local doctor who can help with nonsurgical treatments, such as scar injections or other minor procedures. We will be happy to provide your doctor with our recommendations and detailed instructions.

New York City is a mecca of some of the best attractions, sights, events, and restaurants to experience. Now that you’ve booked your flight, found the perfect hotel, and planned your NYC visit, it’s time to get excited about your procedure. Facial rejuvenation surgery, such as a facelift, is one of the most effective ways of reversing signs of aging and giving our patients youthful, natural-looking results. At Dr. Konstantin’s office, our caring staff will help you with every step of your self-care journey. We are here to make you look and feel your best! And keep in mind a little shopping, a walk in Central Park, or a delightful dinner can do wonders for healing.

We look forward to seeing you in our fabulous city!