You’re smart, resourceful, and exceptionally capable. But one thing you can’t do yourself is fix sagging cheeks, jowls, and lax neck skin. If you’ve begun to research facelift surgery and are seeking the best facelift surgeon in NYC, you’ve arrived at the right place. Dr. Konstantin has compiled everything you need to know about this transformative procedure, including how to find your ideal facelift surgeon in New York City.

Dr. Konstantin is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon specializing in modern facelift techniques. In addition to his reputation for superior, natural-looking results, he is renowned for his dedication to patient education. He has developed these detailed web pages to help you make informed decisions as you begin this exciting journey.

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Amazing doctor and so happy with his work. Great staff, too. I highly recommend Dr. Konstantin
I love dr.Kostantin . He is amazing with his work, and he is very honest. He won’t do a procedure if...
Love his emphasis on achieving natural-looking results From the very first consultation through and...
Age 70, neck & facelift & blepharoplasty - delighted with refreshed face & eyes When I retired at 70,...
With me every step of the way until I was completely healed Dr. K is a true artist with a scalpel. I...
Beautiful results 1 year post-op neck lift! Very natural He was professional and did a beautiful job...
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