It’s commonplace for people to consider the face to be one of their most precious and defining features. Equally ubiquitous is the difficulty we have in accepting how time and age can change the way we look. Yet still so many people are afraid to try surgical rejuvenation due to the fear of drastically changing their appearance and risk of looking unnatural or overly “tightened.” However, if the goal is to remain looking as young as possible while still appearing like yourself, there is simply no substitute for a well-performed facelift. Modern facelift techniques are designed to achieve a naturally rejuvenated look, one that doesn’t seem drastically different in terms of features, but that makes a dramatic difference in how young a patient feels.

The results of an expertly performed facelift could “reset the clock” by 10 to 15 years and be enjoyed for years on end. But, like any other medical treatment, to achieve the best outcome it’s crucial that you choose an experienced and well-qualified practitioner. As a NYC based facelift surgeon, Konstantin Vasyukevich, M.D., has performed well over 2,000 facelifts. He would like to provide you with some helpful guidelines that can take the doubt and uncertainty out of the selection process. Take advantage of his knowledge and expertise, so you can have the confidence to select the best plastic surgeon for your facelift.

Where to Start: Board Certification

Luckily for you, if you’re reading this on the internet, it means you have access to every legitimate and reputable facial plastic surgeon in NYC you could want. The first thing to do is find a surgeon in your area who is board certified in plastic surgery or facial plastic surgery.

What does board certification mean?

Certification by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ABFPRS), for example, demonstrates a surgeon’s commitment to excellence in facial plastic surgery. In addition to being certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, American Board of Otolaryngology, or both boards, these doctors must:

  • Complete fellowship training in facial plastic surgery
  • Pass a rigorous 2-day exam focusing specifically on facial plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • Present a minimum of 100 facial plastic and reconstructive surgery cases for peer review and evaluation

While board certification helps to start your search for the right specialist, there are more than 100 board-certified facial plastic surgeons in the state of New York and more than 50 here in New York City. To find the best facial plastic surgeon to perform your facelift, there are several additional factors you should consider.

Next Step: Finding a Facelift Specialist in NYC

While board certification should be the very first item on your checklist, finding a doctor specializing in facelifts is the second most important step. Narrowing your options to just those doctors who specialize in the procedure you wish to get will help ensure you are getting the best surgeon for your facelift. If you’re interested in facial rejuvenation here in NYC, it would be ill advised to seek someone who primarily performs breast augmentation and vice versa. Not to say that one doctor may be incapable of the other (on the contrary, most surgeons are capable of various procedures), but the face is a highly scrutinized area and the aesthetics of the surgeon are tantamount to his/her proficiencies. Considering surgeons who dedicate their practice entirely to facial rejuvenation should ensure you are getting the most qualified individual for your facelift. After all, if you’re entrusting a surgeon to perform surgery on your face. It’s wise to make sure he/she has done the procedure a few times before. Better yet, a lot of times before.

Read What Others Have to Say: Reviews by New York Facelift Patients

Although recommendations from family members, friends, and medical professionals can be helpful, finding out what actual patients have to say about their experiences and results is equally if not even more important in your search. Online reviews can be extremely helpful in selecting just the right surgeon for your facelift⁠—NYC plastic surgery recipients are not silent when it comes to comments sections, so take advantage! Look for a doctor with an above average number of positive reviews and then read them thoroughly, paying particular attention to those that have undergone a facelift.

Scrutinize Past Work: Before-and-After Photos of Facelift Patients

When you find a doctor with exceptional ratings and qualifications, the next step is to review before-and-after photos of his/her facelift patients. You should be able to find these photos on the doctor’s website; if they’re not easy to locate or there aren’t many photos, this could be a red flag. When looking at the before-and-after photo gallery, make sure there are a sufficient number of photos representing patients of various age groups, facial structures, and stages of aging. Doctors with extensive experience in performing facelifts will typically post at least 20 to 30 photos representing their work. If you don’t like their photos, you probably won’t like the results as a patient, so take your time and really scrutinize the examples they have available.

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Meet With the Doctors: Thoughts for Your Consultations

So, you’ve finally narrowed your results down to just the top NYC board-certified facial plastic surgeons. Now, it’s time to schedule your consultations. To give yourself some perspective, consider scheduling consultations with more than one plastic surgeon, especially if they are exceptionally qualified and have glowing reviews. Below are a few questions to consider asking during your consultations and after:

  • How many facelifts has the surgeon performed altogether? Even though there is no exact number of surgeries that would qualify someone as an expert, Dr. Konstantin believes one should have performed at least 500 to 1000 facelifts to excel at this procedure.
  • Does the surgeon use a variety of facelift techniques? Is he/she familiar with modern facelift techniques such as deep plane or extended sub-SMAS facelifts?
  • Is the doctor friendly and approachable? Do you feel comfortable discussing your concerns and desires?
  • Do you feel like you were understood and listened to?
  • Do you agree with the approach that was recommended?
  • Were you impressed by the surgeon’s before-and-after photos?

Some Final Thoughts: Take a Look at the Surgical Facility and Get to Know the Doctor’s Staff

When you choose a facial plastic surgeon, you’re choosing the whole practice, which includes the doctor’s office and the surgical facility he/she operates in. Find out where the doctor does surgeries and make sure he/she has a dedicated and qualified staff. If the operating room is within the office, ask to take a look at it. Also, get to know the doctor’s staff members and assistants. Pay special attention to:

  • Office environment, comfort, and aesthetics
  • Personality of the office and support staff
  • Professionalism in follow-ups and scheduling appointments

If you’ve done your research, got all of your questions answered, and are happy with your consultation experience. Congratulations! You have found the best plastic surgeon for your facelift.

Choose a Premier Facelift Surgeon

Konstantin Vasyukevich, M.D., is an NYC facelift specialist who is double board certified in facial plastic surgery and otolaryngology (head-neck surgery). With the help of his expertly trained staff, he has performed more than 2,000 facelifts and will be happy to help you look as young as you feel. To get started, contact us online for a consultation or call (212) 380-3634 to speak to a member of our team.