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As Father’s Day rolls around, it can be difficult to find Dad a quality gift that he will not only enjoy, but that is something unique and not a grill accessory or power tool. This Father’s Day, don’t just opt for the same gift that you give year after year, surprise him with a pampering treat that will make him feel like a million bucks. Dad may not ask for a day at the spa, but he will equally enjoy a thoughtful gift that is not-the-average Father’s Day gift.
Father & Son

1. Quality Sunscreen

While the old adage goes that men age much more gracefully than women, it doesn’t mean that your dad wants to see sunspots and wrinkles in the mirror. Get him a quality sunscreen that will help slow the aging process by more than 20 percent and he will truly thank you for watching out for his health.

2. Lip Balm

Most dad’s pick up the 99 cent gas station lip balm to help them get through the day, but this holiday, why not splurge and get a good lip balm that will help heal his cracked lips from the harshness of any climate. Be sure to buy a no-shine balm that also has at least a 4 SPF.

3. A Hair Salon Gift Card

Let your dad look his finest this summer by getting him a gift card to a nice hair salon that will give him enough pampering, without all the bells and whistles. Your father may hit up the $10 walk in hair cutting place now, but showing him that there are more salons catering to men will be a nice touch. Many salons also now offer a free cocktail of beer or wine during the service, which will be a treat for him as well.

4. An Exfoliating Face Scrub

He may not ask for it, but he’ll love it if you book an appointment and buy him an exfoliating face scrub to slough away the build up of dead skin. He will be glowing with joy after this refreshing gift.
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5. A Fragrance-Free Hand Moisturizer

He works hard all year — mowing the lawn, fixing the shingles, moving furniture, and so on. Because your dad uses his hands they can quickly become weathered and dry thanks to the elements. There are a number of quality fragrance-free hand moisturizers on the market specifically for men.
Soothing 24hr moisture...

6. A Gift Certificate to a Botox Session

Men worry about aging just like us gals do, but splurging on a gift certificate to a Botox session will be exactly what he needs to feel and look youthful again!

Learn more about how to pamper your dad this Father’s Day by learning more about New York cosmetic surgeons and how dad can look 10 years younger; a gift that lasts a lifetime.

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