Are you curious about facelifts but feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the contradictory information that Google gives you when you search “things to know about a facelift”? You’re not alone! Nearly every patient we see for a facelift consultation feels that learning about facelifts is more difficult than teaching yourself rocket science. The real facts about facelift surgery are quite often intermixed with myth and misconceptions to the point that it takes a good professional to sort it out. Fortunately, Dr. Konstantin is exactly the expert you need for the job. As a leading New York facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich is here to provide clarity, help you sort out things that most people find particularly confusing and separate the fact from the fiction. Let’s debunk some common myths together!

Debunking Myth 1: “Facelifts Are Only For People Over 60

Many people think facelifts are only for those in their 50s and 60s. However, facelifts can be beneficial for anyone starting to see signs of aging. These signs usually begin in the 30s, become more apparent in the 40s, and are definitely much more noticeable in one’s 50s. In recent years, there has been an increasing trend of people seeking facelifts such as a mini-facelift while much younger. Addressing the signs of aging early can lead to more subtle facial rejuvenation and turn back the hands of time, allowing you to carry the youthful appearance of your 30s into your 40s. The idea is to make subtle changes before deeper lines and more severe sagging set in. 

Debunking Myth 2: “Facelifts Always Look Unnatural

Some people fear an overly tight or “pulled” look and are concerned that everyone will know they’ve had a facelift. This concern is completely understandable, especially with multiple examples from the past where facelifts more often than not were appearing overly tight and quite unnatural. However, the field of facial plastic surgery has advanced significantly. Nowadays, when a facelift is performed by a skilled and experienced facial plastic surgeon, the results are significant yet natural. This will help you have a more discrete transformation and hide the fact that you got a facelift from your friends and family. They will notice that you look refreshed and well-rested, but they won’t necessarily know why.

Debunking Myth 3: “Facelift Recovery Is Long and Painful

It’s true that surgeries involve downtime, but the notion that facelift recovery is an incredibly long and painful process that lasts for months is a misconception. While there is a healing period with this procedure, advancements in surgical techniques have made the recovery process shorter and much more manageable for patients. By diligently following their surgeon’s post-operative care instructions and tips for recovery, most people can resume their normal activities within about two weeks. 

Debunking Myth 4: “Facelifts Are Only For Women

Facelifts aren’t just for women. Although they are commonly associated with women, this perception is changing as more men are seeking to improve their looks and gain an edge in their lives with facelifts. Since skin becomes loose and droopy as we age, men are often left with a rugged and aged appearance. Therefore, many of them seek facelifts to restore a sharper, more defined look. 

Debunking Myth 5: “Facelift is Not Needed If You Do A Neck Lift

The neck is crucial in achieving a youthful appearance, as it is often overlooked when applying anti-aging creams, sunscreen, or during Botox or laser treatments, and therefore, can reveal a person’s age before their face does. However, a necklift alone is usually not enough to produce a youthful appearance. Therefore, a necklift is often combined with a facelift. This comprehensive approach ensures a harmonious and rejuvenated appearance.Understanding the truth about facelifts can help you make a confident decision.

Don’t let an overload of information hold you back from exploring the benefits of a facelift and taking a step towards a more youthful you! If you would like to discuss getting a facelift, Dr. Konstantin and his team are happy to see you for consultation. Please contact us via our consultation form or call us at 212-380-3634.

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