Do You Need Revision Facial Plastic Surgery?

For most patients, the decision to undergo facial plastic surgery is significant and made after many weeks or months of consideration. While the vast majority of these procedures meet or exceed patient expectations, occasionally a secondary procedure or revision facelift is required to achieve the desired outcome. My revision facial plastic surgery patients in NYC often have very specific ideas about what they wanted from their first surgery. I make every effort to truly listen to these patients and work with them to create the results they originally wanted. If you’re considering a revision or reconstructive procedure of your own, it’s important to consider the following factors before moving forward.


The results you see within the first few weeks after your surgery may not be the results final results. People are often concerned when they realize that their initial post-operative appearance does not meet their expectations. However, it’s important to give your face enough time to heal and adapt to its new look. Remember: you had surgery! It takes time for bone, muscle, and other supportive structures to settle. Additionally, your body needs to heal fully before undergoing another surgery. Although your sutures may have been removed and your incisions have faded, the healing process continues out of sight for several months. Give yourself between 6 months and 1 year before considering secondary surgery. This time allows you to feel comfortable with both the physical and mental changes associated with facial plastic surgery.


Consider the expectations you had before your initial procedure. What goals did you discuss with your surgeon? How did you envision you would look, and how does that vision compare with your actual results? Answering these questions honestly can help you determine whether revisionary surgery—or how much revisionary surgery—is required. It’s also important to understand the limitations of surgery. While facial surgery can certainly create transformative results, there are limits to what surgical rejuvenation can accomplish. Remember that your underlying facial structures, such muscles or facial bones are here to stay.

Choosing a Surgeon

Selecting the best surgeon for your procedure requires time and research. You should carefully consider your surgeon’s education, experience, and other qualifications. It’s also important that your surgeon has an approachable bedside manner and you feel a good connection that allows for honest and clear communication. In my plastic surgery practice in NYC, I recognize that each patient is unique with their own goals. I consider each person holistically, taking into account their lifestyle and desired look to create a result that truly complements the individual.

I believe my previous patients truly say it best. Please visit my page of testimonials to read their words and learn more about the experience you can expect when you select me for your primary or secondary facial surgery.

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