Dr. Konstantin discusses the rise of otoplasty with New Beauty.

Have you heard? There’s a new favorite facial feature in the land of cosmetic enhancements… and New Beauty is all ears for Dr. Konstantin’s input. Featured in this article by Liz Ritter, double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Konstantin discusses the increasing trend in plastic surgery of the ears, better known as otoplasty.

COVID-19 has affected everything, from how far apart we stand on the train, to the TV shows we binge, to the discomfort created by our ears. Depending on your hair length and facial structure, wearing a mask can shine an unexpected, unwanted spotlight on your ears. And what do we do when we want a shoulders-up surgical change? We go to New York City’s facial plastic surgery expert, Dr. Konstantin, to have our ears enhanced by the magic of otoplasty.

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A New Cause of Otoplasty

The average face mask is anchored to the face by the ears, which makes them stick out a little bit. This is far from abnormal, but for those who already have insecurities regarding their ears– how close or far they are from their head, the length and stretchiness of their lobes– it’s enough to inspire a surgical change.

For many facial plastic surgeons, the pandemic has led to a surprising uptick in consultations. But is otoplasty the new facelift? Not necessarily. Across the country, plastic surgeons report varying intensities of the demand for ear enhancements. What Dr. Konstantin finds in his Manhattan practice is that enhancement for several areas not covered by a mask, “particularly the forehead, eye and ear region. This has created an uptick in procedure and treatments requests that target these areas,” he tells New Beauty.

Options for Otoplasty

Patients can have the cartilage framework reworked, essentially reshaping the whole ear. Six months of healing et voila– your new ear is set for good. Earlobe reductions can resize the lobe after it has been stretched by gauges or aging. Plumpening lobes with a filler– another popular procedure– will restore fullness and firmness to thinning, sagging ears.

And while the pandemic has been demanding, otoplasties, at least, will go a bit easier on you than other facial plastic surgeries. An otoplasty can be performed under local or sedation anesthesia, with patients typically healing with an invisible scar on the back of the ear.

On the blissful day when COVID-19 is eradicated, we may no longer need to wear masks, but insecurities about our ears may very well persist. Rest assured, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon can deliver results to enhance your appearance and your self-esteem. If you are interested in what a facial plastic surgery expert can do for you, contact Dr. Konstantin at our Manhattan office today.

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