In the days of our grandparents, signs of physical aging were synonymous with wisdom, trustworthiness, and knowledge. In business, a more mature man was thought of as being the one with the most experience, not the one who needed a facial rejuvenation procedure. But society has moved from respecting wrinkles to avoiding them at all costs. This leaves us with Generation Z: completely positioned against showing signs of age on their faces. What is the cause for this shift?

Wrinkles as a symbol of experience

In the office, the most senior employees were looked upon favorably, with much experience and wisdom. They would be offered promotions and raises. One would not approach the youngest employee with a question, assuming he was simply less experienced than others. Wrinkles were a badge of honor, a sign of knowledge. Now, this function of wrinkles is outdated; at work, the fresh faces are the ones securing raises. The younger you look, the more willing, able, and enthusiastic you appear. Energy and determination radiate from a young face, but less so from a more matured face.

Wrinkles as a symbol of knowledge

Years ago, wrinkles were an external manifestation of one’s deep knowledge. If a child were to ask a question, they would go to their grandfather, as the most mature in the room and an easy, accessible source of information. But now, in the world of Google, Siri and Alexa, most members of Gen Z are far more comfortable finding information online than asking adults.

Gen Z has little need to look to elders for information. Having the entire world in the palm of our hands decreases much of the value of those who have lived longer than we have. Now, seeing wrinkles as a symbol of incapability, tiredness, and unhappiness, it only makes sense why more and more young people go to extreme lengths to avoid or retouch wrinkles.

Regardless of what society says, it is up to you to personally decide whether you embrace your wrinkles or seek facial rejuvenation. Should you resonate with the latter, contact Dr. Konstantin’s NYC facial plastic surgery practice, where we will be happy to help you schedule a consultation.

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