August18 Endoscopic Facelift

The introduction of the endoscope revolutionized surgical medicine, and doctors rely on this device for a wide variety of procedures. In my facial plastic surgery practice in NYC, I use an endoscope for some of my most popular facial rejuvenation procedures.

The endoscope is a thin probe that is attached to a wireless camera and helps surgeons in all specialties better visualize the areas they’re treating. When used in cosmetic facial procedures, the endoscope magnifies images on a screen and allows the surgeon to have a magnified, real-time view of the distant face and neck structures. Digital optics enhance the surgeon’s ability to modify these deep facial structures and reduce the need for longer incisions.

In this video, I show you the particular endoscope that I use and demonstrate how it works.

The advantages of an endoscopic facial procedure are many and include:

  • Improved visualization: Because of its small size, the endoscope can go where the eyes cannot. This helpful tool allows me to see deep facial musculature that I must manipulate during a procedure.
  • Smaller scars: Because the face is always visible, it’s important to reduce scarring as much as possible. A benefit of endoscopic procedures is that they do not require the long incisions that are necessary when manually uncovering tissues beneath the skin. By allowing for smaller incisions, and therefore smaller scars, endoscopic procedures remain a popular option.
  • Shorter recovery: A faster, more comfortable recuperative period is possible with endoscopic facial rejuvenation procedures, although this is not a “sure thing.” Smaller incisions typically mean that the overall healing time can be reduced. However, healing experiences vary from patient to patient. If you’re considering this approach, we can discuss your likely recuperative experience during your consultation.

In my practice, I offer an endoscopic option for facelift, brow lift, and neck lift. The endoscopic-assisted facelift is an enhancement of a traditional facelift that provides superior visualization of the deeper structures of the face and neck. The endoscopic approach can be tremendously helpful in any situation when limited-incision facelift is performed.

I understand my patients’ concerns regarding scarring and recuperation time. In every case, I use the most minimally invasive technique possible without sacrificing results.

As a surgeon who only performs facial procedures, I am proud to specialize in both traditional and endoscopic-assisted techniques. I want each patient who entrusts me with his or her face to feel comfortable with their experience and be satisfied with his or her ultimate results. I invite you to contact my practice to meet me in person and discuss the options available to you.

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