Facial feminization surgery, or FFS, is a set of surgical and non-surgical procedures that alters facial features in order to make them more feminine. Konstantin Vasyukevich MD breaks down the different facial features that can make one appear more masculine or feminine.

1. Forehead

Male foreheads tend to be longer, have a square appearance with flat contour and prominent bony ridges above the eyes. For female foreheads, the hairline is typically shorter and the forehead is smoother, more rounded in appearance curving gently from the hairline to the brow.

2. Brows

Male brows are often heavier, straighter and lower in position. Female brows are typically more curved and higher in position.

3. Cheeks

For female, cheeks typically have fullness right at the center with a gentle uninterrupted curve running from the side of the nose to the temple. Male cheeks tend to be wider and flatter in appearance.

4. Lips

Female lips are more refined, fuller in appearance, and the nose to lip distance is shorter.

5. Jawline and Chin

Female chins typically appear rounder and more pointy whereas male chins appear heavier and more square.

6. Nose

Male noses are typically larger with a strong bony prominent look and with the tip of the nose appearing lower than female’s. Female noses, besides being more turned up, also appear smaller, more delicate and refined.

There is an array of surgeries and non-surgical procedures that can alter one’s appearance to make them look either more feminine or more masculine. In this Youtube video, Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich covers the different surgeries and procedures for people who are considering changing the dynamics of their appearances. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more medical cosmetic content like this!

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