BOTOX: the neurotoxic protein that has LA in its grips and you in Dr. Konstantin’s appointment book. Smooth out your wrinkles with just a few little needles. Quick, easy, and relatively painless. For such a simple fix, you’d think that everyone would be doing it. But until recently, men would rarely be thought to have a BOTOX procedure. Now, the opposite couldn’t be truer: the rate of men receiving BOTOX treatments continues to steadily rise.

BOTOX’s impact at the workplace

Possibly the largest factor in a man’s decision to get a facial cosmetic procedure is his standing at work. Many people believe that with a younger, more refreshed, energetic face, promotions are more likely to be offered, and highly paid positions are more likely to be retained. At the office, one might feel pressured to be the strongest, most active one in the room in order to feel secure in his position. In the cut-throat world of Wall Street, the threat of being replaced by a younger, fresher colleague is constantly looming.

Beauty standards for men

While maybe not as obviously, men have certain beauty standards thrust upon them by society just as women do. In a culture that worships youth, why shouldn’t a man want to look just as young and energetic as possible? On dating apps and social media, successfully marketing oneself is difficult to do with deep frown lines and a stern expression. But with a BOTOX procedure that targets frown lines, crow’s feet, horizontal forehead lines, and smoker lines, the world is a man’s oyster.

For men of older generations, BOTOX is more than just a matter of status; it can be a translation of character. In the old days, an aged face could signal trustworthiness, experience, and wisdom. But the beloved rugged masculinity of yore is much less mainstream today, and the beaten, weathered look of the Marlboro Man is out of fashion. BOTOX is just one step a man can take in reclaiming his image and changing how others perceive him at work and anywhere else in life.

Whatever your reason for choosing BOTOX, it is likely to have a profound impact on your appearance, esteem, and how others see you, as well. To make a consultation with Dr. Konstantin today, contact our Manhattan-based practice today. We can’t wait to see how BOTOX will change your life!

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