Obtaining ultimate and everlasting beauty is no longer limited to common and routine operations like facelifts and breast augmentations. There have been a few rather unusual surgery requests coming to light, including the following five.

1. Earlobe Lifts

While many may see this procedure as unnecessary, for people who once wore too-heavy earrings or maybe took part in the ever-growing trend of earlobe plugs, this surgery might just be the answer.

Fixing Sagging Earlobes

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2. The Cure for Cankles

Who can deny the true beauty found in a perfectly shaped calf and ankle? Well, those suffering from larger calves that continue to the ankle, deemed a cankle, might argue the need for getting liposuction surgery on this unusual body part, especially since the term has caught so much attention.

3. Feet Fillers

High heels. We’ve all worn them — they make you look slimmer, taller, and more elegant; but wearing them also leads to back problems, calluses, and a number of other issues. Recently, a surgeon came up with the idea of putting more cushion in the balls, heels, and toes of the feet.

4. Dimple Chin, Be Gone!

Dimpling of the chin is no laughing matter, at least to those who would recognize and term such a beauty ailment. Apparently, undergoing surgery to remove the dimples or “cobblestoning” of the chin is now a thing. Who knew?

5. Knee Liposuction

Oftentimes, what appears to be “fat” on the knee is actually muscle, which eliminates a lot of candidates from being eligible for this procedure; but many people are still having the fat removed from their knees to restore youthfulness.


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While these are some oddly requested surgeries, many will argue that they take years off of your body and increase confidence, as well. Learn more about cosmetic surgery in Manhattan and how a procedure can change your life for the better. Contact us today at (212) 380-3634!

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