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You’ve just had rhinoplasty surgery and you’re anxious to see your gorgeous new nose. Before you get too far ahead of yourself, remember that the healing process means that your face will go through several changes until you can truly see the finished product. Here’s what to expect after getting your beak tweaked.

1. Swelling and Pain

It’s only natural that some swelling occurs around the area. While it’s not common to have pain following rhinoplasty surgery, swelling can cause a slight pressurized pain in the nose. Ease it by keeping your head elevated or using a cool compress.

Nose Job

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2. Trouble Sneezing

It’s important that following rhinoplasty surgery, you try to avoid sneezing for as long as possible. While it’s easier said than done, especially during allergy season, if you absolutely have to sneeze, do so through the mouth and try to avoid causing added pressure to the newly reconstructed nose.

3. Depression

A bout of sadness and depression is normal in patients immediately following any surgery. It doesn’t happen with everyone, but don’t let it alarm you. The body is tired and the mind, too, needs time to recoup.

4. Insomnia

Often, it’s necessary to provide a patient with sedatives. Take them as prescribed by your doctor or see if something like Benadryl might also be a safe option.

Recuperating after plastic surgery

5. Weakness

Don’t plan on returning to work or exercising just yet. Allow yourself and your body time to absorb the shock of the surgery and the outcome will be much better than if you were to resume normal, everyday activities immediately.

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