Dr. Konstantin in Glamour: The Ponytail Lift – A Revolutionary Facelift Technique?

GLAMOUR's article about the controversial, yet highly coveted "Ponytail Facelift" technique trademarked by Dr. Chia Chi Kao, explores the compelling reasons this trendy facelift is gaining momentum for those desiring an aesthetically pleasing instant result. With minimal downtime, no visible scarring this procedure claims to put an end to spending thousands of dollars on keeping …

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Dr. K in The Strategist: Memorable Gifts Doctors Received

While it may be the thought that counts, everyone hopes to give their friends and family gifts they will actually enjoy. New York’s magazine, The Strategist, helps readers choose the perfect presents for the doctors in their lives by asking medical professionals what they really want to unwrap. Though every present is warmly received,The Strategist …

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