Chocolate is one of the most scrumptious and tantalizing treats you can offer your taste buds. Not only is chocolate a desirable treat, but the benefits of chocolate for your body and skin are even more awesome, according to recent research. recently reported that, “many spas now offer chocolate body wraps and other chocolate treatments because the key ingredients in chocolate can nourish the skin with essential nutrients and also reduce inflammation.”

Chocolatey Benefits

Cocoa butter, chocolate and dark chocolate are popping up around the country in everything from spa treatments to skin care regimens and weight-loss trends. According to DivaVillage, benefits for these yummy delicacies, both inside and out, include:

* diminishing wrinkles
* bountiful antioxidants
* improved circulation
* skin softening
* moisturizing promotion
* skin rejuvenating

chocolate facials

Behind the Science

Combined with caffeine, chocolate can be an even more powerful antioxidant. For example, the two together allow for increased circulation within your body. reports that “an increase in blood flow or circulation in the body can help benefit the heart and the body’s muscles and arteries throughout the body.”

Dark chocolate has also been prescribed by health experts as a tasty aid that has strong antioxidant values. If you snack on small amounts of dark chocolate regularly, it can be considered a super food among others like sweet potatoes and broccoli. Women’s Health Magazine explains that the secret ingredient in dark chocolate that provides so many benefits is cacao. Even Dr. Oz considers cacao a benefit for the body and the skin. Cacao is a flavonoid that is “known to help fight a wide array of diseases, including heart disease and diabetes.”

Youthful Skin

Getting a facial with the key ingredient of chocolate will help to shed dead skin cells while also giving the appearance of a more youthful appearance. Chocolate can be used in shampoo and body wash to increase the softness of skin and nourish hair for regrowth as well as to help it stay stronger.

how chocolate can help your skin

As you age, it can become harder and more difficult to find skin-care products that ease the appearance of wrinkles, but chocolate, specifically dark chocolate “can help to keep your skin firm, resilient and smooth as you get older,” according to

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