It can make your teeth look whiter, add an extra umph of sexiness, and even bring out the glow in your skin. Lipstick, lip stain, lip gloss — whatever you may call it: Everyone knows that a little color gracing the lips can bring great benefits to your look even if it’s all you choose to wear. Cosmetics can provide the TLC you need.

Elizabeth Taylor made lipstick especially famous when she was quoted saying that she puts it on to feel more composed; but finding the right shade can be difficult. Read on for how to find the perfect shade for your skin.

(1) Fair Skin: Vibrant Pink

Fairer complexions can rock the bombshell look with little make-up and a vibrant pink shade.

bright pink flower

(2) Exotic Shades: Pale Pink

Exotic skin tones can find true beauty in a pale pink, which will add an innocent glow to the face.

blossoming flower

(3) Bronzed Skin: Dark Rose

For the sun-worshipping beauties, rock out in a deep shade of rose for that fearlessly feminine look, or sport a skin-toned fleshy hue for those laid-back days.

dark red flower

Cosmetics can do wonders for the color and shape of your face — such as using the correct make-up to contour your nose. Want a more permanent fix? Learn more about nose jobs in NYC and uncovering the secret to everlasting youth. Call today at (212) 380-3634.

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