Living in the limelight under the watchful eye of every American and millions of additional individuals around the globe can understandably make someone crazy about their looks. Celebrities deal with this as a reality every day, constantly trying to improve their appearances, ensuring that their every outfit and every step outside the door in front of the paparazzi are perfectly calculated in order to avoid the dreaded photo of them looking badly on the cover of a magazine.

Living with this kind of stress to look perfect can sometimes cause celebrities to go a little nutty about their beauty routines. For example, every day, Kate Hudson (who is the cover girl for Almay make-up) painstakingly submerges her face into a bowl of ice with a splash of water until she can’t handle it any longer. The results? Well, if you haven’t seen Kate lately, then check her out, as the craziness of ice cold water until it’s painful seems to be working.

long and healthy eyelashes

photo by Joey (aka Lens Wide-Open…

Celebrities have also been known to undergo surgical lash extensions as well as lash color tint to keep their eyes batting longer. Those known for this procedure include Adrian Brody and Vivica A. Fox. Additionally, Demi Moore and Jude Law, among other celebrities, are ranting and raving over what is known as a “holistic” facial. This consists of what has been deemed “beauty chi” and is a way to rejuvenate your looks through the mind, body, and the soul.

Alicia Keyes even has an alarm set on her cell phone to remind her to drink more water, in order to get the glowing look she has. Others, such as Miranda Kerr, believe body brushing is the way to obtain younger looking skin.

Without having to confront the crazy obstacles that celebrities turn toward in order to make themselves look younger, there are simple things that can be done to enhance your appearance and take off years of aging. Consider getting a face lift, and be sure to check out New York City as the top city to conduct your surgery in, as many of the top cosmetic surgeons work in this arena. Additional procedures including fixing crooked and yellow teeth or undergoing a browlift in Manhattan, which will reduce the signs of sagging in the skin and literally wipe away at least 10 years of your life, especially around your eyes — which can often look tired from years of stress as well as wear and tear. Learn more today by clicking here or call (212) 380-3634.

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