BYRDIE’s article about carbomers will teach you more about this ingredient that is in so many beauty products. Reading the back of the ingredient list off any facial cleanser or moisturizer is necessary before purchasing a cosmetic product for your skin. We tend to only watch out for the big scary ingredients such as Aluminum, Parabens and Silicone, but do we understand the properties of what actually makes a nice skin cream?

Carbomers are commonly found in SPF’s, gels, shampoos, lotions and even makeup products. This ingredient is not in most people’s radar, but it makes a difference with how nicely your creams apply and feel. Dr. Konstantin states that carbomines are one of the more versatile and effective ingredients that cosmetics and even pharmaceutics chose to use. The reason for this is that it is neutral and does not harm the body. It is commonly listed as carbomer 934, carbomer 934 P, carbomer 941, carbopol 910 or carboxyvinyl polymer.

Carbomers are great at doing three things that every person wants in a good beauty product. It prevents oil separation, thickens for a smoother application and helps make any product feel more luxurious on the skin. The best part is that this chemical is good for all skin types and does not harm the environment. Next time you are at your closest beauty store, keep an eye out for Carbomers.

For more information on Carbomers, read Dr. Konstantin’s feature in BYRDIE. Please call our Manhattan-based practice if you have any questions about facial rejuvenation. We will be happy to help you set up a consultation with New York’s top facial plastic surgeon and facelift expert, Konstantin Vasyukevich MD.

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