While it may be the thought that counts, everyone hopes to give their friends and family gifts they will actually enjoy. New York’s magazine, The Strategist, helps readers choose the perfect presents for the doctors in their lives by asking medical professionals what they really want to unwrap.

Though every present is warmly received,The Strategist lists the most memorable ones for these New York doctors. Dr. Konstantin suggests something useful and cozy, such as the Maria Zolia wool throw blanket. He claims it was one of the best gifts he’s ever received. “It’s great for park visits after work, for recreational outdoor activities like camping and hiking, and perfect for keeping warm during the colder, winter months.”

Maria Zolia, the weaver, is a resident of the Carpathians Mountains, Ukraine, who uses traditional weaving techniques passed down for generations by the women in her family. The blanket is described as handwoven from 100% organic wool, and Zolia elaborates on the ethical treatment of her sheep. What more could you ask of a throw?

Other doctors say they loved receiving Kiehl’s hand lotion, a bouquet of flowers, apple air pods and even a mini fridge for storing beauty products. The list is endless and shows that the price tag is not what is important, but the thought behind it. The Strategist provides an amazon link for the blanket, and the other items suggested by these doctors. Read the article here.

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