Whether you’re a TikTok fanatic, an Instagram addict or just love to browse through your social media feed for the most up-and-coming trends du jour, one dominating topic cannot be ignored – the popularity of plastic surgery. In POPSUGAR’s article, we dive into the heart of how social media played a vital role in making cosmetic surgery something we now talk about publicly and freely, when such procedures were once something to be kept a secret. In recent years, the staggering increase in client demand for facial plastic surgery and treatments such as Botox, as reported by the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery, can attest to this budding new trend.

Social media not only transformed how openly we can share our cosmetic surgery stories and experiences, but also made it more accessible to a wider audience. As Dr. Konstantin points out, “The interest was always there – TikTok just provided a convenient platform for people to gain knowledge and share their experience with cosmetic procedures.” With the newfound accessibility to information and the plethora of readily available first-hand accounts of actual patients, plastic surgery no longer has to be a taboo or something reserved only for celebrities. We can now feel more confident to have the procedures we only dreamed about – and talk about them too.

While the topic of plastic surgery continues to reign on social media, it is worthy to note that most patients are still requesting a ‘natural’ look and nothing ‘overdone’ or anything leaving overtly noticeable signs of having had a procedure. We want to be able to enhance our beauty in whatever way we choose and feel comfortable to share it with whoever we choose and now we can have it all.

You can read the full article in POPSUGAR.  Whether you are a TikTok user or a complete novice to the social media world, we will be happy to see you for a consultation.  Please call our Manhattan-based practice if you have interest in facelift or other facial rejuvenation procedures with New York’s top facial plastic surgeon and facelift expert, Konstantin Vasyukevich, MD.

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