For everyone, whether student, nurse, or food delivery man, in 2020, the entire world turned on its back. Even in this new year, the effects of the worldwide lockdown are here to stay. While not all that’s happened has been bad, everything has certainly been different. And it’s no different for plastic surgeons. Dr. Konstantin, double board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Manhattan, was recently featured on a panel of nine plastic surgeons for RealSelf news in discussion about the pandemic and recent plastic surgery trends. The doctors compare changes they’ve seen in the requests made by patients since the start of COVID-19. At Dr. Konstantin’s NYC facial plastic surgery practice, one difference he has noticed is the shift in demand from small procedures to larger surgeries.

Smaller enhancements like dermal fillers and injectables are not as popular as they were before the pandemic. Dr. Konstantin cites that his patients are “shying away from treatments that yield less dramatic results” due to the recent drastic decrease in social events and the obscurification of the face caused by wearing a mask all the time. “‘What’s the point of getting something done if the mask will hide it?’ is something I now hear from my patients all the time,” he reports.

But it’s not only the lack of socialization. Patients are more conscious than ever about the risk of contracting the virus when leaving the house, even if it’s only for a trip to the doctor. “Many patients want to stay away from smaller, short-lasting treatments because they don’t feel comfortable making frequent trips to the doctor’s office for touch-ups and maintenance visits,” the rejuvenation expert explains.

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