For the truth about BOTOX, RealSelf consults the experts.

What’s addictive, immediately gratifying, poisonous, and face-freezing? Definitely not BOTOX. But the Internet might have you believing otherwise. Depending on who you ask, BOTOX doesn’t always have the best reputation. Due to the online spread of misinformation about facial rejuvenation procedures, there are many rumors and myths about the injection of neurotoxins. But no need to fear: Dr. Konstantin, NYC board-certified facial plastic surgeon, is featured in RealSelf News’ piece on debunking the top ten myths about BOTOX.

Did you know that BOTOX and fillers are not the same? How about that BOTOX isn’t just used to get rid of wrinkles? An expert panel of facial plastic surgeons discuss the ins and outs of BOTOX in detail, including how it affects your ability to show emotions, surgeries that are believed to replace injections, and prices of various treatments.

What happens when BOTOX wears off?

Your face won’t look older, but “it will go back to the same condition it was in before,” says Dr. Konstantin, “and, of course, your face will continue to age.” This is why many patients choose to have their BOTOX procedures repeated and maintained over time.

Getting BOTOX under the eyes

How about the talk against getting BOTOX under the eyes? While the right candidate can absolutely have this procedure performed, if it is administered incorrectly, Dr. Konstantin says that it can negatively affect the shape of your eyes.

Does BOTOX freeze your face?

“There are many methods of injecting BOTOX that can achieve a wide variety of desired looks,” Dr. Konstantin explains. “A doctor can successfully smooth out a patient’s wrinkles while also preserving the natural movement of the face.”

For more untangled myths about the country’s top non-invasive cosmetic procedure, BOTOX, read the full article from RealSelf News. To speak to Dr. Konstantin’s Manhattan office, contact us today, and we will be happy to help you.

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