Dr. Konstantin provides insights about Botulinum Toxin to The Knot Magazine’s Summer Beauty Issue.

Botulinum toxin

WHAT IT IS Commonly referred to as Botox (fun fact: Botox is actually a brand name of one of the most popular versions
of botulinum toxin), this injectable also goes by the name Dysport and Xeomin. When used for antiaging purposes, it smooths out wrinkles caused by the repetitive activity of the facial muscles. “Once injected into the face, botulinum toxin blocks the transmission of nerve signals, causing the facial muscles at the injection site to relax,” says plastic surgeon Konstantin Vasyukevich, MD. “The reduction of movement allows the overlying skin to regenerate and repair damage.”

WHAT IT ADDRESSES Facial wrinkles across the forehead, between the brows, at the outer corners of the eyes and around the mouth are early signs of aging. These typically appear in the mid-30s and become progressively deeper with time. “The
best candidate for Botox is someone who is beginning to develop noticeable lines,” Vasyukevich says. “As with many other medical conditions, treating these wrinkles in the early stages of their development is easier than trying to smooth out deeper lines.”

HOW TO TIME IT It takes three to four days for the effects of botulinum toxin to kick in. “To make the most out of a Botox injection, get the treatment at least a month before your day so you have enough time for wrinkles to smooth out,” Vasyukevich says. Editor’s note: It’s easy to go overboard here, so work with your plastic surgeon or dermatologist to ensure you have some facial movement and don’t end up looking totally frozen on your day.

AVERAGE COST Varies depending on area treated and injector.

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