If you’re here, you probably already know the difference between a facelift (rhytidectomy) and a neck lift (platysmaplasty), but you’re still curious about which procedure is more effective, or more suitable for someone like you. If you were hoping for a discussion on facelifts vs neck lifts vs dermal fillers, we can tell you we left the latter out because, although we love non surgical treatments such as fillers, they’re but a temporary solution to something that only a facelift and neck lift can accomplish.  Perhaps we’re assuming too much about your stage in the journey of facial rejuvenation, and maybe you simply searched for the best facelift near me, or the best neck lift in NYC (if you happen to be in our city), and we happened to appear on your screen because we fit the description. We don’t mean to be gauche in calling ourselves the best, but Dr. Konstantin’s before and after photos speak for themselves, so we have no problem letting you be the judge. If you are indeed here, however, to finally put an end to the debate between the two lifts, then we’re excited to inform you that there’s actually no competition between the two. In fact, they both work best when paired together.

Which Should You Get First?

This is entirely up to you, the patient, but we highly recommend consulting a surgeon first to make a more informed decision. Here at Dr. Konstantin’s NYC practice in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, you can speak with any one of our consultation experts and find out more about what areas you wish to target and what certain procedures can do for you. Dr. Konstantin develops a highly individualized surgical plan for each patient, performing a facial analysis and determining the areas where most improvement is needed. He then selects the proper technique and/or recommends other procedures that would be beneficial such as: brow lift, eye lid surgery (blepharoplasty), fat transfer, or dermal fillers. Often times, these procedures are used in conjunction with a face and neck left to give optimal results.

Why You Should Get Both

Though the face may be the first place we look when observing one another, it’s rarely the case that the neck is not equally visible to the observer. Since they’re both technically being looked at simultaneously (often subconsciously), they’re therefore equally important and should be treated as such.

Typically, neck lifts are almost never performed alone, and are usually accompanied with a facelift. An exception to this might be when a young candidate has experienced significant weight loss and needs to account for the excess skin. Such a patient might not need a facelift, so this is one of the rare cases when a neck lift might be performed without a facelift to accompany it.

Many patients come to us believing that either they’re neck or their face is not the issue, and they only want us to work on one and not the other. While it may be true that sagging is more prominent in either the face or the neck, typically both need rejuvenation.  Having work done on only one area will most likely result in more evident signs of surgery.  There are of course exceptions and we treat every case individually, but more often than not, if you want to look younger without looking like you’ve had surgery, your best results will come from receiving both face and neck lift simultaneously.

What To Do Next

Put your worries to rest and schedule a consultation to find out more about what procedures can help you achieve the most effective rejuvenation for your face and neck. Browse our website to find answers to topics such as surgery cost, what to expect before and after surgery, plastic surgery recommendations, and estimated recovery time. Ever wondered, “what is a mini facelift?” We have resources to help you understand those as well as the deep plane facelift, and endoscopic-assisted facelift. If there’s anything you can’t find on the site, we’re just a phone call or email away, and if you happen to be looking for facelift or neck lift specialists in NYC, feel free to visit our Upper East Side Manhattan office and see for yourself why Dr. Konstantin is considered one of NYC’s top plastic surgeon specialists. We exclusively focus on facial rejuvenation so you can rely on our experience and trust in our expertise.

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