If you’ve ever wanted to know what facelifts are like firsthand, look no further than Allure Magazine’s “13 People Get Real About Their Facelifts,” where one of Dr. Konstantin’s patients gave a full, honest account of her surgical journey.

Elizabeth W., a 59-year-old woman, found herself battling age overnight – when she turned 55, she told Allure that her face looked substantially different than her body. She suffered from sagging skin, drooping eyelids, and a loss of elasticity. In her words, she felt that her figure hadn’t changed much, but that her face was “losing its’ happiness.”

For two years she debated whether or not to get a facelift. And after a lot of deliberation and some online research, she found herself in Dr. Konstantin’s office. Her consultation determined that a deep-plane facelift, necklift and a blepharoplasty (an upper eyelid lift) would yield the most youthful and rejuvenated-looking result. On the day of the procedure, like many patients, Elizabeth opted against the use general anesthesia, which Dr. Konstantin says may reduce the risk of anesthesia-related complications. Instead, she received IV anesthesia as needed – “I think that was the best four hours I spent at the doctor’s office in my life,” she told Allure.

During recovery, Elizabeth said, Dr. Konstantin and his office staff had “prepared me for everything… Everything was exactly how they told me it would be.” In the Allure article, she goes into detail about post-procedural facial numbness. Over the course of a few months, some feeling has returned to the incision site by her ears, but she tells readers that healing is a continual process. And unlike some of her friends who get questions about the work they’ve had done, Elizabeth’s friends tell her that that she looks “relaxed” and “beautiful.”

To learn more about Elizabeth’s recovery process in her own words, check out the article in Allure.

“I’m happy to bring a positive change to a patient’s life,” Dr. Konstantin said, “and I’m thrilled that she shared her experience with Allure Magazine to help inform others about the process of getting a facelift.”

Elizabeth’s story is not a rare case – with a knowledgable and professional team catering to your individual needs, your facelift could be a low-stress procedure with a smooth recovery.

If you’re interested in learning more about facelift or facial rejuvenation procedures, we would be happy to see you for a consultation. Please contact our Manhattan-based practice to schedule your appointment with New York’s top facial plastic surgeon and facelift expert, Konstantin Vasyukevich, MD.

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