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Rejuvenation on the Rise for Men

So where are those men, you ask? Well, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 1.3 million of them were recipients of aesthetic procedures in just 2017 alone. That’s a 28% increase since the year 2000, and the numbers are only continuing to grow. Slowly but surely more and more men (and women) are coming to realize that cosmetic services are not a matter of vanity, but rather, a method of survival in a world that places overwhelming emphasis on one’s physical features. You may already be happy with the way you look, as everyone should if they could be so lucky, but as important as the way you see yourself is to your mental wellbeing, the way others see you can have equally profound effects on your fiscal wellbeing. For instance, one may feel well rested and full of energy on the inside, but what their colleagues, subordinates, and superiors see are the deep bags under their eyes which make them look permanently fatigued and tired of work. Similarly, someone may be a generally warm and amicable person but their involuntarily furrowed brows make them appear stern and unapproachable. Now, that may very well be the desired impression sought by some people, but it’s safe to say that most of us would rather be admired and thought kindly of than feared or distrusted. We all want to look our best whenever possible, and especially when appearing in front of those who directly affect our livelihoods and passions. Adequate rest, healthy diet, fine clothing, and surface level cosmetics can do wonders, but after time takes its toll and age becomes a more visible presence in one’s life, facial rejuvenation becomes the only viable method left for maintaining a natural edge and charm over others.

What Treatments are Men Receiving?

Here at his New York City practice, double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Konstantin offers an array of cosmetic procedures for men that directly target those areas which begin to deceive us first and foremost. Often times, Botox is associated with the faces of women, but the permanently furrowed brows (or “frown lines”) that effect men at a higher rate can be easily removed with a simple treatment. A few injections can relax the muscles which cause the wrinkles and smooth out the facial lines, leaving men looking younger, more confident, and more approachable. If heavy bags under the eyes are what’s holding you back from any opportunity that requires you to look alert and energetic, then your solution is another facial rejuvenation procedure that has been performed on numerous patients by Dr. Konstantin: a blepharoplasty. This minimally invasive procedure carefully removes the fat under the eye which causes the appearance of “bags,” and allows patients to continue living their lives without the skepticism and pity previously held by those who might notice their bags before the person behind them.

And so, with all the benefits of plastic surgery and other facial rejuvenation services, it’s easy to see why a growing number of men are catching up to the trend. As more men learn the secrets that women have always known, we find ourselves closer to rediscovering the revered man of yore. We may not have the wigs and wooden teeth (thank God) but that’s only because we’ve advanced, and the contemporary man fights his battles not with a sword but with a suave smile.  He is poised and dignified with the wisdom of age, yet vibrant and attractive like the energy of youth. These can be the results of successful facial rejuvenations administered by a double board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich. It’s not magic, it’s simply modern ingenuity, and whether a man is running for political office or just wants to maintain stature in their home or work life, scheduling a consultation today can bring them one step closer to regaining the edge that escapes us after our “prime” years. Don’t let time dictate when you’re at your prime; find out how facial rejuvenation can help you with your goals by scheduling a consultation or appointment today.

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