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The most foretelling features on one’s face are the eyes. They are after all, “windows to the soul” or at the very least, our most pervasive of the five senses. But the first place that people usually look when they want information the eyes aren’t giving, are the lips. The lips are not only the second most sensitive part of the body, they also speak volumes in terms of non verbal communication. Characteristics like aggressiveness, extroversion, social skills, trustworthiness, likeability and risk proneness are all linked to the most subtle manipulations of the lips. Given the fact appearances dictate a large portion of social interactions, which in turn have an effect on personality development, the lips play a large role in giving us our personalities. Our lips say more about us than we can tell at first glance, and a glance is often all it takes to make a first impression, so it’s no wonder why lips have become such a topic of interest. Here at Dr. Konstantin’s NYC facial plastic surgery practice, conveniently located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, you can find out all we have to offer when it comes to lip enhancement and augmentation treatments.


If you spend any time on social media, reading magazines or consuming any celebrity related content, you might be aware of the increasing focus on lips, especially among youth (particularly young women) and public personalities. When summarized drastically, the reason for this is simple: photography. The rise in social media use over the last several years has meant a rise in self-photography, or “selfies,” and the single most key factor in an attractive photograph is…drum roll please…the way light illuminates one’s lips! Having the proper angle and lighting for a selfie is instrumental in producing an image of someone that is as attractive as can be, and an attractive photo is, for better or worse, a large part of how people are judged and valued in today’s day and age. The natural lips of most people look rather bland on camera, which is why we often rely on makeup to compensate for their lackluster appearance. But professional models and aestheticians have figured out that medically enhanced lips make for stunning photography and the trend for many years now has been to plump the lips up in order to achieve that effect. What sometimes looks unnatural in person is actually more desirable in photos, and young people (vastly women) have been flocking to practitioners for services that make them look just like the models they spend all day admiring.


Photography is not, however, the only reason lip enhancement is so popular. As we mentioned, lips provide information the eyes cannot; they also allow us to communicate directly, experience physical/sexual satisfaction, and remain looking youthful. As we age, our lips produce less collagen, the protein that provides them with their fullness, and they begin to age like any other part of the body. To reduce the effects of aging, many people have found that lip injections are an effective treatment that result in fuller, younger looking lips. The more youthful the lips appear, the more youthful a person appears in general, and as we know from multiple studies on the matter, youthfulness is associated with attractiveness, and attractiveness with success, whether it be in the workplace or personal relationships. This is of course a gendered discussion, as men tend to seek vitality through features other than the lips, but the importance of appearance is nonetheless relevant across the spectrum. Typically, younger women receive work to appear sexier and more competitive in the virtual marketplace, while older women’s goals are usually rejuvenation, and to appear more attractive by virtue of youth. For this reason, lips are often the first area sought for treatment by women regardless of age. The sooner anyone undergoes a non-invasive procedure like lip injections, the sooner they’ll be looking at potential business partners, romantic partners, and even cameras, with the confidence of the youthful and attractive person that naturally resides in all of us.-

Fillers and “Duck Lips”

So you’ve been considering lip enhancement for some time now and you want to know what exactly can be done, how it should be done, when, and by whom. For starters, it should be said that the most common practice among licensed, professional aestheticians is the use of dermal fillers. Fillers are simply injections of fat or protein that provide the skin with volume. One of the most popular fillers used by physicians, and the one most commonly used by Dr. Konstantin, is Juvederm. This filler, in the hands of a highly skilled and licensed physician like Dr. Konstantin, is all it takes to achieve the desired results of professionally enhanced lips. And what exactly are those desired results? How does one ensure that they won’t leave the physicians chair with “duck lips” or lumpy, unnatural looking lips? Fortunately (or unfortunately for those who try and cut corners here), the only way to be certain your lips are in good hands is to seek treatment strictly from a practitioner who’s vetted and specializes in facial cosmetic procedures. It’s then up to you to judge the aesthetics of the doctor for yourself and ask for reference photos of their other patients. It depends on the doctor’s technique and skill level when determining where on the lips to inject, and how much, so you really want to choose your practitioner carefully.  

Luckily for anyone in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area, Dr. Konstantin is a double board certified plastic surgeon who’s NYC practice focuses solely on facial rejuvenation. Dr. Konstantin’s office takes pride in its aesthetics and commitment to excellence, and can provide ample references from satisfied patients of all walks of life. It’s never too early to start taking care of your lips. And considering how quick a procedure like fillers can be (typically less than an hour), and with practically no downtime afterwards, it’s easy to see why so many people have decided to give in to the trend and give themselves an advantage when making those first impressions. So go ahead, take that selfie! Schedule a consultation today and find out how you can turn those lips into the lush and fetching features they were meant to be. 


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