Konstantin Vasyukevich, MD

Deciding whether or not facial cosmetic surgery is right for you can be a difficult decision, so it’s important that all options are weighed and a qualified surgeon is sought.

One of these options includes laser resurfacing, which, according to WebMD, occurs when “a laser sends out brief pulses of high-energy light.” The laser light becomes heat, which then “vaporizes thin sections of skin” thus creating newer, younger looking skin.

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While this method has been tested and proven to be successful, science has taken this method a step further, in a process known as fractional laser skin resurfacing. Fractional laser skin resurfacing uses a more refined technique, resulting in less healing complications such as scabbing and bleeding. It also offers a  shorter healing time overall. Many patients find that this method can reduce the appearance of scars, whether from trauma or acne, as well as reduce wrinkles, and brighten the pigment of skin.

When going through with any cosmetic procedure, finding a qualified surgeon is the most critical factor that will determine how successful your results are. One such physician specializing in fractional laser skin resurfacing is Dr. Konstantin in New York City.

For more information on finding a cosmetic surgeon in Manhattan, contact Dr. Konstantin at (212) 380-3634.

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