No more teddy bears with stethoscopes. It’s time to level up your gift game.

Why, would you look at the calendar– it’s mid-December! And that means two things: holidays and presents. You’ve got your family and friends covered; in-laws, too. But how about your medical professionals? Can’t forget that facelift from Dr. Konstantin… Fifteen years of youth given back to you? Priceless. And while you’ve most likely already fairly compensated your doctor, an extra sign of your appreciation will certainly go a long way. After this whirlwind of a year, frontline workers, EMTs, nurses, and doctors of all kinds definitely deserve it.

But picking the perfect present for someone you only know as a medical professional can be a challenge. Personalized World’s Best Doctor trophies are only half as cute as they are tacky. How to find a thoughtful, unique gift without really personally knowing your doctor? Thankfully, we have an exclusive wishlist straight from the horse’s mouth; just in time for the holidays, Dr. Konstantin joins a panel of medical professionals in sharing what their favorite gifts from patients have been.

Top gifts for medical professionals

Manhattan facial plastic surgeon Dr. Konstantin’s most prized patient gift is a handmade wool throw blanket from Maria Zolia, an $80 purchase from Amazon. The facelift expert loves its versatility, using it to cozy up in the winter and bringing it on camping trips. (After all, doctors do have lives outside of their medical practices!) One New York psychiatrist opts for a $200 smart-mug, keeping her coffee hot even as she’s pulled away from her desk. 

Pricey highlights include Johnnie Walker Blue Label, going for $230 a pop, and a motorized back massager (act fast– this $349 bad boy’s on sale for a measly $279!), but you don’t need to break the bank to express your thanks– a bouquet of flowers, a copy of your favorite novel, and a pair of thermal compression socks made the list as well. A clinical immunologist is satisfied with a $20 foot massager, fitting discreetly under any desk.

The greatest gift of all: appreciation

The common thread uniting the 57 items on these doctors’ wishlists: relaxation. We don’t often see medical professionals outside of their practices, and for good reason; more often than not, their schedules are filled to the brim. 2020 has brought unprecedented amounts of stress onto frontline workers of all kinds, and for them, being able to rest in comfort is almost as great a gift as knowing that they are appreciated. If you’re in the position to give a gift to a nurse who made you smile during your COVID-19 testing, the rejuvenation expert who performed your facelift, or to the dentist who keeps your kids’ teeth healthy, browsing this list will give you an accurate idea of what will make them happiest. On behalf of Dr. Konstantin’s Manhattan office, happy holidays to all, and an unending thank-you to medical professionals and frontline workers everywhere.

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