Dr. Konstantin on the procedure, recovery, concealment, and results of a neck lift for men!

Plastic surgery ain’t just for the girls anymore. In fact, it never was— while the practice is often associated with women, there has always been a steady amount of men who request cosmetic enhancements. At Doctor Konstantin’s facial surgery practice in New York City, many male patients look to have one procedure in particular: the neck lift, which dramatically reduces physical signs of aging in the neck and jowl region. Dr. K provides the scoop on what to expect before and after the excess skin and fat are snipped away.

Do I need a neck lift?

If you aren’t a fan of your “double chin,” sagging skin, or fat around your neck area, you may be the right candidate for a neck tightening procedure, or a neck lift. During the operation, a surgeon will make a few strategic cuts: one at the crease of the neck, hidden underneath the chin, and one tucked behind each ear. If a facelift is also performed, these incisions may extend to the front of the ear, yet will still be out of sight. Removing excess skin and fat, a neck lift produces a sleeker, tighter appearance.

Why do men get neck lifts?

While men are subject to far fewer societal pressures surrounding physical appearance than women, a man is certainly entitled to seek the services of a cosmetic surgeon should he wish to feel more comfortable in his own skin.

A common motivation behind the male neck lift is work. Many men believe that if they look better at work, they may be more likely to be promoted; after all, they will certainly look younger, fresher, more capable and energetic. The rejuvenation effects of a neck lift by a board-certified surgeon are quite striking.

Recovering from (and covering up!) your neck lift

After a neck lift, one should expect to spend one or two weeks resting at home, abstaining from going to work or participating in strenuous activities. For the first 24 hours post-op, be sure to have a friend or family member around to help you around the house. For a detailed overview of your recovery process, ask your personal doctor, as instructions may vary from surgeon to surgeon.

It is rare for men or women to be comfortable revealing that they have been “worked on;” you’re not alone if you don’t want anyone to find out about your procedure. Men who have both a face and neck lift may worry about how they will conceal the incisions that stretch to the front of their ears. While it is easier to see than a scar under the chin, it will heal and fade just as quickly, and is easy to cover. Dr. Konstantin recommends growing a beard as your scars heal. A light layer of scruff– just a few millimeters long– is often more than enough to disguise any visibility of the procedure. If facial hair isn’t your style, staying home an extra few days should clear up any lingering concerns of noticeable indicators of a neck lift.

Neck lift results

After you’ve healed from your procedure, what should you expect to look like? “Refreshed, rejuvenated, and more energetic,” says Dr. Konstantin. If you, like thousands of men around the world, would like to improve the appearance of your face and neck, you, too, can have an expertly performed neck lift. Whether by top facial plastic surgeon Dr. Konstantin in NYC or by another board-certified cosmetic surgeon, a neck lift can work wonders on your physical appearance and your self esteem. For more on the male neck lift, watch Dr. Konstantin’s video here.

And if you decide that a neck lift isn’t the commitment you’re willing or able to make, there’s still one more trick for you. When Dr. Konstantin was featured on Good Day New York, host Greg Kelly shared his top tip for hiding his jowls: “You can suck in your gut; you can suck in your chin!”

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