Enlightened” by Jonas Leriche

Exploring the Power of Transformation and Aesthetics through Art

With the weather getting warmer and tulips blooming on the picturesque landscape of Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Dr. Konstantin’s summer art exhibit commences. Amidst this beautiful NYC backdrop, guests are invited to delve into the realms of aesthetics and artistic expression. This year’s theme is “Metamorphosis”—a collection of photographic art pieces that demonstrate the relationship between the inner and outer parts of one’s self. 

 Taking center stage in Dr. Konstantin’s practice, visionary artist Jonas LeRiche (this year’s featured artist) weaves a powerful narrative that transcends aesthetics and highlights the very essence of transformation and renewal—two prominent elements in Dr. Konstantin’s facelifts. The exhibition bridges the gap between art, science and human connection. As guests make their way through the exhibit, they embark on a journey that challenges them to ponder the multifaceted nature of transformation and the intricate dance between inner growth and outward expression.

In speaking with LeRiche about the exhibition, he says, “In life, we are in constant transformation and my work deals with authenticity and science and technology. We have our authentic selves and then we have a society that’s always evolving amidst technological revolution.”

Jonas LeRiche (left) and Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich (right)

“This exhibit features a lot of transformative works,” he says. “People work on themselves on the inside and also on the outside. With Dr. Konstantin and the field of plastic surgery, people transform towards a vision that they have with themselves. It’s important to work on your inner self and outer self to find the balance between them.” 

When asked to speak about one of the pieces in the exhibit, LeRiche chose Kintsugi.

“I like Kintsugi because it has a very beautiful philosophy. Kintsugi is a Japanese term that means “joining by gold”. So if they break the pottery, instead of hiding the cracks, it highlights the imperfections. It’s all about embracing our imperfections to show the paths that we have been through and what we have become.”

Echoing LeRiche’s sentiments, Dr. Konstantin notes,“ I really like Kintsugi because it features the gold bonding and shows that the piece becomes more valuable after it is broken and then put back together.” 

The synergy between Dr. Konstantin and Jonas LeRiche is evident in every aspect of the exhibition. From the meticulously curated collection, which visualizes and invokes the varied emotions that are involved in transformative journeys, to the shared messages about the transformative power of bringing the beauty that lies within outward, the collaboration showcases the profound impact of the intersection between art and facial aesthetics. 

Dr. Konstantin invites you to celebrate the beauty of change and reflect on your own journey of self-discovery. If you are interested in seeing the exhibit in person, please call us at (212) 380-3634 to schedule a time for your visit. The exhibition will be on display through the end of the summer. 

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