Using makeup is a great way to cover blemishes, wrinkles and age spots, but there is more that it can do for you. By knowing specific tricks, you can use it to enhance features on your face. These tricks will give you a fabulous look without the cost of cosmetic surgery or procedures.


Many people are not happy with the size of their nose, but this trick can give you a slimmer looking nose. Simply take a highlighter or lighter concealer and run a small amount down the bridge of your nose. You can also add a darker shade to the sides of your nose, but make sure to blend well. This look will give your nose a sharper and longer appearance and make the sides appear thinner.


Plump lips are a common desire for women, but collagen injections are expensive. There are many great collagen boosting lip plumping products, but this tip lets you naturally enhance your lips with the products you already have. Use a neural lip liner on the area just outside your lips to create a fuller look. Start in the center of your lip and work down both sides. Just make sure to not go too far outside the lip line when using the liner. Another great piece of information is that lip glosses and dark colored lipsticks make lips look fuller.

making lips look bigger


photo by _Frankenstein_


A current trend is the smoky eye look, but that can make eyes look small. A great way to get beautiful, must-have eyes is to make them look bigger and brighter. Avoid the dark eye shadow and choose a light shade with a shimmer. Run it over eyelids for a bright eyed look. You can also place some ivory colored shadow in the corner of eyes make them seem more open and bright.


You may think that unless born with high cheekbones, you will never get the look of prominent cheeks, but with this trick, you can have beautiful high cheekbones. Simply use a liquid highlighter on the highest point of the cheekbone to help intensify the cheeks. Then add a flesh-tone blush to the lower cheekbone to help give it the sculpted look of prominent cheekbones.

how to sculpt your cheeks with blush


photo by Jenn Durfey


Some people feel their forehead is a bit too large, but once again this trick can help make anyone look fabulous. All you need to do is use some bronzer on the temples. This will frame the forehead and make it appear smaller and narrower.

With these great tricks, having beautiful eyes, nose, cheekbones, lips and a forehead is within your reach. They are all simple to do and only require items you probably already have. Give them all a try and see which one works for you.


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