Life is stressful enough. Don’t let those dark circles that form under your eyes or puffiness worry you anymore because that can cause more stress, which leads to more blemishes. Break the cycle and banish under eye bags and puffiness for good.

Causes of severe or mild eye blemishes
Dark circles can be caused by inheriting a condition that is characterized by excess pigmentation. If that is the case, home remedies may not work, and you may have to resort to more expensive treatments under the supervision of a licensed practitioner.

However, according to WebMD, under eye problems can also be caused by thinning skin as you age, lack of sleep and sleeping position, sinus infection, or too much salt in your diet. Assuming these are the causes, there are a few remedies that will work if you give them a try.

The Remedies

Exercise your facial muscles
That’s right. Just as you exercise parts of your body that need tightening, face muscles can be whipped into shape too. Here’s how. Place two fingertips at the top of the cheekbone under each eye. Then squint as if you are staring into the sun while holding your fingertips firm. Training the muscles that hold the thinning skin in place helps to stop it from drooping and creating those dark shadows. Twenty to 30 reps, once a day should do the trick.

Neti pot or saline nasal spray
A good sinus infection, the common cold, or allergies cause fluid buildup in the nasal cavity. By flushing out your nose, excess fluid is less likely to stick around.

using a neti pot to clear your sinuses


photo by abbyladybug

Sleep on your back
When you sleep on your side, you may notice more puffiness under one eye than the other. Sleeping on your stomach, while also hard on your back, promotes fluid accumulation.

Soothe away the shadows with tea
Tea contains caffeine, which is known to tighten the skin and constrict the underlying blood vessels. Visible blood vessels give the illusion of darkness. Get two new tea bags, rinse under cold water, and place over each eye. Let the tea bags stay on the skin for 10-15 minutes before discarding and washing off any excess tea. The temperature of the tea bags helps reduce puffiness, just like any other swelling on the body.

Cucumber, tried and true
Slice up the vegetable and flop over your eyelids. The cool cucumber and its excellent source of water again keeps the swelling down and moisturizes the sensitive skin.

putting cucumbers on your eyes

Get a good moisturizer
Cream with vitamin A, like retinol cream, is recommended. Dehydration can be caused by aging, or a long night out, forcing skin to settle into recessed pockets. Retinol helps replace the lost moisture and prevents lines and creases from forming – a bonus benefit.

Hemorrhoid cream
Yes, it does have more than one application. Use this when all else fails or you don’t have the time for these other remedies. Supermodels swear by it. You just might too.

There you have it: seven simple, easy ways to not spend a lot of money and keep yourself looking, and feeling, good.


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