Without a doubt, cosmetic surgery is growing with each year’s passing; but have you ever wondered where most cosmetic surgeries occur? It turns out that the United States tops the charts as the number one country for most cosmetic surgeries. The U.S. has recorded more than one million surgical procedures and over two million nonsurgical procedures in one year alone, with breast augmentation topping the charts — this according to a study from 2011 completed by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Cosmetic surgeries vary from country to country, but the most completed surgeries include breast augmentation and lipoplasty, which is similar to liposuction.

Here are the next four countries where plastic surgery occurs in high numbers!

2. Brazil

cosmetics in brazil

photo by Steve Evans

3. China

women in red dress

photo by Dainis Matisons

4. Japan

woman wearing kimono

photo by ~ezs

5. Mexico

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