It’s happened to us all. A friend posts a picture of us on Facebook or Instagram, and there it is: a dreaded double chin shot or sagging, droopy skin; under-eye circles, wrinkles everywhere… The list goes on and on. Some experts are beginning to question if social media are actually causing or at least resulting in a correlation with the increasing number of cosmetic surgery procedures.

For example, Facebook hit one billion users last year; and at the same time, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons recorded 14.6 “minimally invasive cosmetic surgeries” having occurred in the United States.

the effect of social media

Is this a coincidence, or are the seemingly strong pressures of constant exposure online 24/7 starting to get to the average American? It seems to be true that the paparazzi aren’t just for celebrities any longer, as our friends, family, and coworkers have become our own personal photographers.

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