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Best Season for a Facelift in NYC

Those of us who live in NYC know all too well that every season of the year comes with its own setbacks and surprises.  Between the bitter cold and sweeping blizzards in the winter to the unbearable heat waves of the summer – we get it all.  Wondering what that has to do with plastic surgery? It’s simple – one of the most common questions by Dr. Konstantin’s NYC patients is: “What is the best time of year for a face lift?” Is it fall, winter, spring, summer, or some ephemeral window between two seasons that’s actually the ideal time for a face lift in NYC? We all might have preconceived notions and strongly held opinions on the matter, but here at Dr. Konstantin’s facial plastic surgery practice, we think this is a question worth deliberating. And deliberate we shall! Let us weigh the options such that by the end of this debate we have empirical, undeniable reasoning for which season is better than all others when it comes to face lifts. Now, if you’re outside of NYC, we apologize in advance as we can only account for the seasons that we experience here in our city, but if you’re a new yorker looking for the answer to the question on everyone’s mind, you’ve come to the right place. 

Let’s begin with summer just because that’s the time of year we’re currently in as we write this. It’s over 90 degrees today, and this weekend is projected to be at 98, so needless to say if you’re looking for a face lift in NYC this week, prepare to be hot…very hot. And we’re not talking about how you’ll look after your procedure…but prepare for that too!

Summertime Facelift in NYC


It’s simply too hot. No one wants to do anything in +90 degree weather, let alone surgery! Layers aren’t really an option for covering any stitches, and overall comfort is usually hard to come by this time of year unless you’re in the shade or in the safety of an air conditioned room. 


Air conditioning. Our office, in addition to having state of the art cosmetic and surgical equipment, is also equipped with central air – a dire necessity in the summer heat of NYC. If you can manage to arrive without sweating profusely, you’ll find the office of Dr. Konstantin to be a most comfortable and cool environment for all your face lift needs. And after your procedure, you can find respite at home while you recover in the comfort of your own air conditioned oasis. Go ahead and cancel those plans you had no intention of committing to in this heat anyway, you’ve got quality time with a cool breeze in your schedule… and that’s doctor’s orders!

Pros and Cons:

Tanning. And by tanning we mean sun tanning. Specifically, exposing your skin to the harmful radiation of the sun for long periods of time in an effort to appear different than you would naturally. This is one doctor’s order that might upset some people but our priority at Dr. Konstantin’s facial plastic surgery practice in NYC is to provide the highest quality service we can to our patients, and that involves discouraging the practice of sun tanning. So this one is a “con” because you definitely should avoid tanning before and after a face lift, but it’s also a “pro” because tanning is bad for you, and now you have a professional, medical reason to avoid it altogether. You’re welcome!

One last Pro:

Vacations! If there’s ever a time to disappear from the office and not raise much suspicion, it’s summer. Planning a face lift before your summer “vacay” is a brilliant way to take time for yourself and recover from your procedure as leisurely as possible. And if you have paid leave, you might even be getting paid to look 10-15 years younger! That’s one advantage to summertime facelifts that no one can take away…not even 98 degree weekends…yikes!

What about other seasons?

So if you’re looking for a facelift in NYC in the summer, you should know what you’re up against. But you should also know that there are definitely reasons to pick summertime as your preferred NYC facelift season. If you’re still not convinced, that’s okay, because there are still three more seasons for us to discuss in this debate, and we plan on doing just that when we return to this topic in the fall. Check out our blog and stay tuned for why Autumn my be the best (or worst) season for a facelift in NYC. 


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