While Botox used to be considered an anti­aging treatment primarily for women, more and more men are turning to the injections for a youthful look. A non­surgical beauty option, Botox works with facial muscles to create smooth, youthful skin. Those considering cosmetic surgery in the Manhattan area can try Botox first to become familiar with anti­aging procedures.

There are some fine-looking men in Hollywood who hardly seem to age. Have they had cosmetic surgery? Possibly. But Botox is looking like the more likely answer.

Simon Cowell

The American Idol­-turned-­X Factor judge has been open about his regular Botox injections. Cowell has remarked he feels no shame about the procedure, as it’s quite common among the rich and famous. And hey, he looks great!

Simon Cowell

photo by Steve Garfield

David Hasselhoff

The former Baywatch star does more than run on the beach to maintain a youthful look. Hoff receives regular injections around his mouth, resulting in a million-dollar ­smile that keeps him looking all kinds of good.

Gordon Ramsay

The angriest chef on television is well­ known for furrowing his brow while screaming at chef wannabes on his various reality series. It was rumored that Ramsay had been getting Botox injections a few years ago; however, his rep denied it. Since then, Ramsay has joked about getting the injections. Hm…

Gordon Ramsay

photo by Dave Pullig

Brad Pitt

Pitt has been widely celebrated as one of the most beautiful men in Hollywood, if not the whole planet. Has he used Botox? The rumor mill says yes! Pitt is a great example of not over­doing it, as he still has noticeable wrinkles and creases on his gorgeous face. Despite a few more lines, the actor has still managed to maintain a semi­-ageless look thanks (maybe) to Botox.
celebrities staying young

photo by Sam Javanrouh

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