Want to look younger but not so sure you want to go under the knife? Dr. Konstantin has a solution for you.

Let’s talk about perioral lines. You know, those wrinkles on the side of the mouth that show up before any other wrinkles do? The ones that get deeper and more noticeable any time you stretch your mouth, tense your face, or even just smile? Yeah, those. They’re the worst. These pesky lines are commonly the first wrinkles to appear on a person’s face, before any lines on the cheeks or around the eyes. They are stubborn, hard to get rid of, and they initiate the visible process of aging. They are bad omens of wrinkles yet to come.

So how do we get rid of them? We look to cosmetic surgery! …unless we can’t afford it, or just aren’t ready to make the under-the-knife commitment. Does this mean we’ll spend the rest of our lives unable to smile without deepening our periorals?

Not if we seek the wisdom of NYC’s expert in all-things-facial-and-cosmetic, Dr. Konstantin!

Perioral fillers

One can have their perioral problems solved sans-surgery by the injection of a hyaluronic acid filler, like Juvederm. This smoothes out the periorals, rejuvenates the lower face, and livens up that beautiful smile. These effects are seen nearly immediately after injection.

To inject the filler, Dr. Konstantin uses a cannula: a blunt, hollow, tubular alternative to a needle. He injects the Juvederm in a smooth, uniform layer just beneath the skin. This allows the filler to spread out flatly, like a blanket, and even out any bumps, crevices, and imperfections.

Why not just fill the individual lines, instead of injecting the whole area?

Periorals are difficult to chase– when one stops smiling, the lines effectively disappear. If they were injected one by one, a new problem would arise: when not smiling, the filled lines would be bumpy and stick out, sending you back to square one. Filling the greater area, rather than only the lines, ensures a smooth, youthful lower face, whether you’re smiling or not.

Smoother skin in no time

Almost immediately after injections, the skin looks smoother. But that’s not all of the magic– over time, the once-wrinkled sides of the mouth look even better than when freshly injected. When a patient smiles after receiving fillers, the deep perioral lines are no longer forming. The skin has had time to repair itself, so the wrinkles begin to disappear, becoming smoother and more shallow as time goes on. In some cases, the lines vanish completely.

Unlike facial cosmetic surgeries, there is no weeks-long recovery period from injections, just an instant improvement of appearance. Thanks to the reparation of the skin and the smoothing of the filler, the perioral lines once weighing down your smile can be a thing of the past. Best of all, they are Dr. Konstantin-approved. Watch his video explaining the youthful effects of Juvederm injections for perioral lines here.

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