In the age of injections, how young is too young?

Simple, safe, and sexy. Is it any wonder why plastic surgeon patients seeking BOTOX are growing younger and younger? Due to its widely-recognized safety and excellent results, BOTOX is regarded by many as the preeminent facial enhancement. Patients seek BOTOX more frequently than any other procedure. But it doesn’t come without concern; worries of not being the perfect candidate are all too common when considering BOTOX. Interestingly, “Do I need BOTOX?” has been replaced by “Am I too young for BOTOX?”

Starting early can seem like a double-edged sword for younger patients; as more and more people use BOTOX as a preventative treatment.  Knowing when is “too young” to begin can be a challenge given that BOTOX is not only a remedy for existing wrinkles and folds, but also increasingly being used in a preventative manner. Women (and, increasingly, men) in their 30s and even their late 20s seek cosmetic  injections to preserve their natural beauty.

But this is not to say that 20 year olds should be getting BOTOX. Like all cosmetic enhancements, it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. While it may work wonders for some, it can, if begun “too young,” have many unwanted effects: skin on the forehead becoming thinner; muscles weakening; hundreds of dollars spent. That’s why it’s it is always a good idea to consult an experienced, board-certified facial plastic surgeon before beginning.

To make it easier to decide whether you are too young for BOTOX, Dr. Konstantin recommends this at-home mirror test.

Dr. K’s At-Home Test: Do I Need BOTOX?

Standing in front of a mirror, perform the following:

Raise Brows

1. Raise your eyebrows as high as you can. This will produce wavy lines on your forehead.

Raise bros and frown - big smile!

2. Frown and knit your brows. You will see wrinkles in your forehead and in between your eyebrows.


3. Give a big smile WITHOUT raising your eyebrows. (Or, if this is difficult, squint like you are looking at something very small, very far away.) Fine lines will form around your eyes.

Et voila! The test is complete. Time to take a look at your results.

Is it time for BOTOX?

Now that you’ve contorted your face and found your lines, relax your muscles and neutralize your expression.

Constant frownlines

You may be able to still see the lines on your face, even though you’re not making an expression. These lines, which are referred to as “constant lines,” can be treated, if desired, with BOTOX. It’s important to remember, however, that wrinkles aren’t necessarily a bad thing; they can be key components of facial expressions and also enhance one’s personality! For those who personally are not a fan of the lines on their faces, BOTOX is a safe, tangible solution.

If you cannot see the lines while your face is relaxed, beginning BOTOX treatments is probably not the best move for you. 

Baby with frown lines

Always remember that ALL of us have lines and wrinkles, particularly when making large, pronounced facial expressions… even the youngest of us!

As with any procedure, to determine the best practice for you, get in touch with a certified cosmetic facial plastic surgeon. In New York City, scheduling a consultation with a rejuvenation expert like Dr. Konstantin is the best way to have your questions answered and your uncertainties resolved. Happy injecting!

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