Clear skin, wide eyes, straight nose, full lips. Need we say more? The list of beauty standards goes on and on. While most people understand that not all beauty ideals are attainable and worth pursuing, there are of course those who believe in perfection. Being bombarded by images of perfectly enhanced faces on social media can cause much distress and even harm. Obsessing over one’s own perfect look may lead to the never-ending quest for yet another cosmetic enhancement, which will not only drain one’s pocketbook but can significantly harm their facial features.

Dr. Konstantin is featured in HelloGiggles’ piece talking about the latest trending beauty ideal: the sharp jawline. Wanting to have a structured jaw is not new; multiple prior generations were seeking the best remedy to achieve it. The TikTok generation seems to be taking it to an entirely different level. The most recent novelty methods that young people use to obtain such a jawline are popping up all over social media platforms. One such product is “Jawzrsise” that relies on exercising of the chewing muscles in order to obtain a sharper jawline. This product is a piece of silicone that one places between the teeth and continuously squeeze it to strengthen the jaw. This isn’t just  a beauty hack, though— it can have unwanted consequences. Dr. Konstantin warns that, similarly to teeth grinding, putting too much and/or unnatural amounts of pressure on the jaw can cause malfunction and pain. Using jaw exercising devices can also cause TMJ and teeth damage. Yuck!

So, should you wish to, is there a way to safely go about sharpening your jawline? Dr. Konstantin shares two common treatments he performs at his Manhattan-based practice: “either liposuction for people with fullness around the jawline, or we can use fillers to sharpen and enhance the jawline.”

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