Are boy scouts offering to help you cross the street? Strangers suddenly calling you “Ma’am”? When was the last time you were carded at a bar? Let’s face it: we’re all aging, whether we’re 16 or 60, and with age comes change. While aging naturally is perfectly normal and highly encouraged, many women and men have begun to take control of the aging process by opting for cosmetic surgery.

While there are many people who are thinking about a facelift, not everyone is fit to have one; this is especially true for those younger than 50. So how to determine if the Gold Standard of facial rejuvenation (aka facelift) is right for you?

As a leading facial plastic surgeon in New York City, Dr. Konstantin performs facelift surgery more often than any other procedure. When patients come asking for a facelift, we always ask them back, “What makes you think of getting one?” Here are five of the most common reasons for deciding to get a facelift that our patients gave us.

“Every time I look in the mirror, I just have to put my hands on the side of the face and lift the sagging skin, marveling at how great it makes my face look.”

Have you grown to dread passing the mirror in the hallway? Do you get a little bummed when you see your reflection in a window? Sounds like it may be time to start thinking about a cosmetic enhancement. We all deserve to love how we look, and a facelift can be of great help with that.

Looking at old photos and saying, “Oh my gosh! I was so good looking back then!”

Flipping through old photos can be a little too nostalgic for some people. However, rather than obsessing over your former jeunesse, remember that facial plastic surgery can turn the clock back for you.

“When I take a picture, even my good side looks bad now!”

We all love taking pictures, and of course, we always want to look our best. Most people always turn toward the camera with their best side, making sure their hair is fixed and their lipstick looks just perfect. It works very well until it doesn’t. If you realize that you are quite unhappy with how you look in photos now, it might be time to take decisive actions.

“My ponytail cannot get any tighter!”

When turning your good side toward the camera isn’t working, a ponytail might do the trick. Pulling the hair into a tight ponytail helps to minimize the appearance of facial skin laxity. But of course, there is only so much we can do with a ponytail.

“I find myself always using filters on social media.”

Do you feel the need to apply a smoothening, color-correcting filter every time you take a selfie or go on a Zoom call? Filters can be fun with special effects, but using these effects to hide your imperfections isn’t the only way to flatter yourself. A facelift will do all this and much more. Trust us– we know!

Do these signs resonate with you? Are you looking for the best facelift surgeon in NYC? If so, give us a call. Your online consultation with New York City’s facelift expert, Dr. Konstantin, is free!

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