You’re doing all the right things: maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, applying sunscreen on hot summer days, and using a very meticulous skin regimen. Still, you can’t help but wish there was something more you could do to help you feel like everything else is worth it. Sure, you know it’s all good for you, and self-care should be its own reward. But there’s nothing wrong with wanting to see results now, and a facelift is an excellent way for NYC men and women to do that.

The fact is, no matter how humble or modest we may be, we all want to look our best. Even when we’re happy with the features we naturally possess, there are times when we wish we looked more like the best version of ourselves. And when you’ve already tried everything under the sun to help you achieve that look, it can feel slightly daunting to still not be satisfied with your appearance.

That’s exactly why we’ve come up with a few unique reasons anyone might consider a facelift. Though we can’t actually rewind the hands of time, one of the many ways to ensure your natural beauty is always one step—and sometimes 10-15 years—ahead of your expectations, is a facelift. And when it’s performed by a facial plastic surgery specialist like Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich, the results can be just what the doctor recommended for…well, all of the following:

Starting with the Person in the Mirror

Whether you are a man or a woman, we’ve all been there. Waking up in the morning and taking a look in the mirror only to find someone we hardly recognize staring back at us. And we’re not talking about the dramatic, post-traumatic stare into the void of someone who’s done something unspeakably horrible or unlike themselves. We mean just a regular old day where you suddenly realize you’re not immune to the effects of time. It happens to the best of us. But there’s nothing to fear because you’re not the first and you won’t be the last, and truthfully you’re somewhere in the middle. Is this the perfect time to enjoy the marvels of modern facial rejuvenation techniques?

The best among those techniques is, of course, the facelift, and if you’re fortunate enough to live in or visit NYC, you have access to some of the best facelifts that New York has to offer. So rest easy knowing that you can wake up, take a look in the mirror, and make a change. It’s so easy it should be a song.

 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Facelifts

But it only takes one to transform a person who once hated photographs into a champion of selfies. Are you ever unsure about your “good side” whenever someone is snapping a picture of you? And do you hate having to find the perfect angle for your face when the responsibility is on you to take the picture? If a permanent record of your likeness is something you find terrifying, then maybe it’s time to consider a facelift. There’s no escaping the future; we’re living in it, and right now the hegemonic power belongs to the internet. That makes “images” our currency and digital photography almost like printing money.

Now, we can’t say that looking your best in photos will make you wealthy (although it did work for Kylie Jenner), but we can say that it will probably reduce a lot of stress you might have when it comes to having your picture taken. And if that is, in fact, something that stresses you out, just know that selfies are here to stay, so you might as well get good at them. Not enough time in the day to practice? Luckily for you, a facelift only takes 2-3 hours, and one can usually return to work after just 1-2 weeks. The choice is yours, and unless you already love taking photos, we think it’s an easy one to make.

Our facelift patients are happy to show you their “after photos.” Take a look at our facelift before-and-after photos to see how transformational the procedure can be.

She (and He!) Works Hard For The Money

And so do you! If you know how valuable you are to your business or organization, then hopefully you expect to be treated as such. Many men and women, however, are caught in the generational shift of their industry or workplace and find themselves taking a back seat to someone who lacks experience simply because they appear younger. A fresh face and neck will surely make an impact on any interaction but this is especially relevant in the workplace. We can’t control other people’s perceptions, but we can control how we feel about ourselves, and when you feel good, others tend to feel it too. So if the only thing keeping you from earning what you’re truly worth is a substantial, long-lasting boost of confidence, we think you know what to do. Dr. Vasyukevich talks more about this Why Is Rejuvenation on the Rise for Men? on


Speaking of confidence, do we even need to elaborate? It’s never too late to date. And if you’re lucky enough to feel ready for another go around, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed—it’s confidence. That’s one thing that can never be faked, just like one’s natural beauty, but both of those can be enhanced by a facelift from a facial plastic surgery specialist like Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich. If you’re dating in NYC, a facelift can be the difference between wasting a lot of time and finding the one person out of 8 million who doesn’t annoy you. Or maybe they annoy you like no one else can. Either way, finding love is always easier when you’re feeling lovely, so in a way, a facelift is really a form of self-love. Who knew? 

Nothing Looks As Good As Your True Self Feels

Kate Moss might rightfully regret her infamous quote, but we stand by ours one hundred percent. If there’s one feeling that no one should have to experience it’s the loss of identity. We don’t mean fiscally (although we don’t wish that on anyone either), but rather, internally. When you don’t feel like yourself, it’s very difficult to justify doing anything besides regaining that feeling. Similarly, if you feel normal on the inside but your exterior reflects a version of you that’s unfamiliar, it’s a jarring experience that can have negative effects in other areas of your life. Finding a balance between your inner and outer self is a challenge that’s definitely worth overcoming, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Receiving a facelift from a facial rejuvenation specialist and certified facial plastic surgeon in Manhattan might be all the help you need to regain that balance in your life. Luckily for you, Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich is exactly that sort of physician. So don’t wait any longer, call or request a consultation online today and find out how you can start looking like yourself again. Trust us, there’s really no better feeling.  

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