Tired of those forehead lines and crow’s feet that make you look older than you feel? Many men and women with facial aging often turn to BOTOX® Cosmetic injections from Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich, a facial plastic surgeon in NYC who probably knows more about BOTOX than anyone who isn’t also a facelift surgeon.

Thanks to his expertise, patients often ask Dr. Vasyukevich questions that are common knowledge to any specialist but are still a mystery to the general public. Fortunately for anyone reading this blog post, the people here at Dr. Konstantin’s office don’t believe in secrets when it comes to matters of facial rejuvenation. That’s why we’re making sure you know exactly what to expect when receiving your rejuvenation treatments.

What exactly are we talking about here? We’re talking specifically about BOTOX injections; where do we inject and why? We’ll answer your top questions about facial lines, and reveal our secrets for diminishing them so you can enjoy a refreshed, younger-looking appearance.

Why do I have lines on my forehead?

Wrinkles across the forehead are caused by decreased collagen production and prolonged use of the muscles behind the eyebrows. The more we use the muscles in our face, the more we put stress on the skin. As the skin loses elasticity with age, it loses the ability to “spring” back to its natural position, leaving more pronounced lines and wrinkles on the face. The News-Press offers additional, helpful information about those frustrating forehead wrinkles. 

How do I get rid of fine lines on my forehead?

So how do we treat these lines and wrinkles caused by frequent, repetitive muscle movement? Is the best approach purchasing as many BOTOX injections as possible and injecting every wrinkle directly? Or might there be a better way to achieve the best result? 

Targeted Muscle Injections Are Most Effective

If we don’t inject the wrinkle, what do we inject? We inject the muscle behind the wrinkle, and that muscle may not always be where you think it is. Sometimes the injection is so far from the wrinkle that you might wonder if the doctor knows what they’re doing. Rest assured, this is a sign that you’re probably in very good hands. Here’s why. A knowledgeable injector will mark the line of maximal elevation, which demarcates the end of the frontalis muscle (the largest muscle in the forehead and shown in the illustration below) and will not inject beyond that point because there’s no muscle to be affected by the BOTOX. (You can learn more about what to expect during a BOTOX treatment in our related blog post.)

It’s also worth noting that there’s no muscle in the middle of the forehead, as the frontalis is really just above and behind the width of the eyebrows. Using that knowledge, an experienced practitioner can treat a patient with far fewer injections, and avoid wasting BOTOX where it’s not needed.

Choose a Facial Specialist for BOTOX

This knowledge about facial muscle anatomy is why it’s important to always seek the most experienced facial rejuvenation specialist in your area. If you’re in NYC, Dr. Vasyukevich is a safe choice for BOTOX since he’s a facial plastic surgeon who knows exactly how to administer your treatment and is committed to being as forthright and transparent as possible with his patients. He can also provide you with trusted advice about pairing BOTOX with dermal fillers and when it’s time to pursue more long-term facial rejuvenation such as a facelift or eyelid lift.

We want our patients to know that we’re here to help them achieve their rejuvenation goals in the most natural and effective ways possible, and if that means spilling a few secrets, then so be it. After all, beauty isn’t a zero-sum situation, and neither is knowledge. So feel free to share this article and let everyone you know take advantage of the truth behind BOTOX injections. Besides, secrets are no fun if you can’t tell anyone, right? Call us at (212) 380-3634 or request your consultation using our online form to find out if BOTOX Cosmetic is the right facial rejuvenation procedure for you.


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