With winter approaching and the cold, gloomy weather setting it, what is a girl to do for her make-up? Here are some tips for winter make-up to help brighten your world and make you glow during this dull, blustery season.

Care For Your Skin:
With the winter comes warmer showers and baths, which means your skin can dry out far more and form blotchy patches. Moisturizing is more important now that ever. If you can find a good moisturizing foundation, you will be good to go. Also, remember powder – it is absolutely necessary for setting makeup and helping to create a smooth, even look.


Color, Color, Color:
In the winter season, rich colors are your friend. Reds, plums, and pinks can pop against the blues and greys of winter. The richer the color, the better! When selecting your tones, aim for color coordination as well. The same applies for nail polish!

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