Deep-Plane Facelift

Considered by many experts to be one of the most effective facial rejuvenation procedures, the deep-plane facelift in Manhattan, NYC, is an advanced surgical technique that restores facial contour and definition, removes loose skin, and smooths away wrinkles. This progressive technique tightens, lifts, and improves the tissue beneath the facial muscles, creating a natural albeit significant and deep improvement to the skin without stretching or creating excess trauma to the surrounding tissue. Because this is a technically demanding approach to the facelift, it is imperative to choose a doctor such as double-board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Konstantin who has extensive experience in treating the face and neck.

What is a deep-plane facelift?

At our NYC surgery center, a deep-plane facelift elevates and repositions the facial tissues beneath the SMAS, or superficial muscular aponeurotic system. This is the layer of muscle that is repositioned in a traditional facelift by means of tightening. As the name implies, the deep-plane method goes beyond traditional tightening by creating an additional plane under the muscle. By going deeper into the muscle, the overall facial structure can be improved in a much more significant way.

How much does a deep-plane facelift cost in NYC?

When performed by a facelift expert, the price for a facelift generally ranges from $30,000 to $80,000; a deep-plane facelift is typically on the higher side of that range, often costing upwards of $35,000. Keep in mind that due to its complexity, the cost of a deep-plane facelift is typically somewhat higher than other types of facelift. For the best result, seek a deep-plane facelift performed by a top plastic surgeon who specializes in facial rejuvenation and has extensive experience with this procedure.

What are the advantages of a deep-plane facelift?

The deep-plane facelift has several advantages over the traditional facelift. It can also be used to augment an endoscopic-assisted facelift. The benefits of a deep-plane facelift include:

  • Repositioning the entire facial structure at once, rather than in parts
  • Using muscle (rather than skin tension) to accomplish a lifting effect that results in a more natural appearance
  • Being able to perform facial rejuvenation on patients of various ages

Who can benefit from a deep-plane facelift?

Nearly anyone who is a candidate for standard facelift surgery can also safely undergo a deep-plane facelift, including younger patients. This is because it can be performed as a preventive measure to delay the development of more advanced signs of aging. Like a traditional facelift, the deep-plane facelift addresses the following concerns:

  • Loss of definition along the jawline and the appearance of jowls
  • Loss of volume in the mid-face region and sagging of the cheeks
  • Loose skin

Ideally, the deep-plane facelift results in a natural, non-surgical appearance. After surgery, the face should look more youthful, with the jawline better defined and contour restored to the cheeks. The procedure is also an exceptional way to preserve a patient's unique facial character while making it look years younger.

How is a deep-plane facelift performed?

Dr. Konstantin performs the deep-plane facelift with anesthesia. Some patients prefer to be completely asleep under general anesthesia, while others opt for local anesthesia with sedation. While the deep-plane facelift is more technically demanding from the doctor's perspective, it does not pose an increased risk for the patient when performed by an experienced surgeon.

Like a traditional SMAS facelift, Dr. Konstantin makes the incisions for the deep-plane facelift around the ears and behind the hairline. However, instead of working on the layer of muscle just beneath the skin, he accesses the deeper layers of facial tissue and releases ligaments that would otherwise prevent the facial tissue from being lifted. He then raises and tightens the underlying muscle and superficial skin as a single unit, and removes any excess skin for a sleek, well-defined result before closing the incisions.

What is recovery like after a deep-plane facelift?

As with any facial procedure, there can be swelling and bruising after surgery. However, because the area of the face affected during surgery is less superficial, these symptoms are often less noticeable than with other facelift techniques.

Typically, patients can return to work and other social activities within 7 to 10 days after surgery. At this point, makeup can conceal any residual bruising or discoloration. To allow the face to fully heal and recover, it is best to wait several more weeks before resuming strenuous activities or exercise. Dr. Konstantin's facelift recovery guide provides more information.

If you are searching for the best facial plastic surgeon in NYC to perform your facelift, please contact us online for a consultation with Dr. Konstantin or call (212) 380-3634 to speak to a member of our team.

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